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The House Organ Photography Contest began in 1982, with the 12 winners from the first contest published in the first House Organ Calendar in January 1983.

The House Organ Writing Contest began in 1985, with the winners published in the Summer Reading Issue each July.

There have been—this is hard to believe, but it’s literally true—more than 25,000 cumulative entries to these contests. Which means that we can’t list the names of all those who entered. But we can list the names of those whose photography or writing—and in a few cases, both—were selected for publication and enjoyment of their fellow staff and faculty members. (By the way, listed are the photography winners whose entries were printed in the House Organ Calendar; those whose pet pictures were published in one of the Pets of Vanderbilt editions are not included).

This list comes with the thanks to all of those who read this publication and make it better with their participation.

These people are listed under the name their work was entered, and the department they were in at the time. And each person, even if he or she has won several times, is listed only once on each list.

Take a look at these winners.

Winners of the Photo Contest 1982–­2011

Johanne Riddick, Labor and Delivery

Lynda Ault, Biomedical Communications

Sharon Cox, Children’s Hospital

Earle Smith, Postal Services

Robert Vantrease, Biomedical Communications

Richard Smogur, Human Resources Services

Holly Gray, C-FARR

Gina Ledbetter, Biomedical Communications

Lisa Underwood, Internal Audit

Geneva Tulsiani, Management Systems

Libby Leverett, Biomedical Communications

Eileen Lawrence, Pediatrics

Mayhew Koellein, Biomedical Communications

Michael Cothran, Temporary Services

Carla Boldt, MICU

Joseph LaBarbera, Psychiatry

Robin Moore, Biomedical Communications

Julie Mann, Management Systems

Debbie Chessor, Orthopaedics

Roma Gibb, Quality Assurance

Mark Hall, Biomedical Communications

Laura Beckwith, Admitting

Carl James, Nursing

Pam Clemens, Orthopaedics

Margaret Brandon, Quality Assurance

Shiu Bun Leung, Clinical Chemistry

Kay Parkerson, Nurtrition Services

William H. “Chip” Smith, Plastic Surgery

Reeta Parks, Speech Pathology

David DiPersio, Pharmacy

Roy Fava, Cell Biology

Gretchen Poetschke, Pediatrics

Liz Smith, Biochemistry

Michael Finley, Pediatrics

Susan Hogue, Biomedical Communications

Tim Gilfilen, Biomedical Communications

Joe West, Micrographics

Rose Marie Robertson, Cardiology

Ellen Zink, Biomedical Communications

Cissy Moore, Pathology

Tom Bush, SICU

Christine Stewart, Vice Chancellor’s Office

Anne Rayner, Biomedical Communications

Mimi Gerber, Nursing

Peggy Byram, Pediatrics

Penny Brooks, Psychiatry

Narsh Benson, SICU

Harrison E. Warner, School of Medicine

Patricia Grissom, Pharmacy

Cathleen Brannen, School of Nursing

Julie Mavity-Hudson, Cell Biology

Joy Contez, Nutrition Services

Jessica Germond, Pediatrics

Connie Stone Chevalier, Pediatrics

Ann Olsen, Center for Biomedical Informatics

Sheila Shary, Clinical Pharmacology

Connie S. Smith, Pediatric Gastroenterology

Michael J. McCarthy, Biochemistry

Cynthia Moe, Clinic Administration

Mary Donaldson, Biomedical Communications

Todd Neel, Nursing Student

Shirley Wiser, PICU

Linda Garceau-Luis, Medical Center Development

Rob Roy, School of Nursing

R. Brooks Robey, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics

Greg Johnson, Medical Information Services

Buz Harrison, Operative Services

Kim Drescher Greenman, Cytopathology

Y. Ding, Cell Biology

Delilah Bradshaw, Blood Bank

Matt Bumbalough, School of Nursing

Deb Allen, Pediatric Pharmacy

Virginia Eddy, Surgery

Mark Denison, Pediatrics

Teresa Barnes, Pulmonary Medicine

Katie Ross, Hearing and Speech Student

Mary Ann Maddin, Patient Affairs

Lisa Stenmark, Vice Chancellor’s Office

Kimbra Suzanne Wilder, Eskind Biomedical Library

Queenie McEwen, Environmental Services

Steven Rogers, Medical Student

Virginia Shepherd, Medicine

Heidi Garner, Pediatrics

June S. Chen, General Surgery

Steve Norton, Vanderbilt Health Services

Shiela Patel, Reproductive Medicine

Susan Copier, Endocrinology

Kreig D. Roof, Vanderbilt Stallworth Rehabilitation Hospital

Jeff Wright, Medicine

Kellie Goodwin, Learning Center

Betsy Carini, Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Mike Bamman, Dayani Center

Joel Temple, Pediatric Cardiology

Patty Brown, Cancer Center

Deborah Rakaska, Police and Security

Juliet Daniel, Cell Biology

Sonja Baker Morgan, PICU

Mark A. Aronica, Allergy, Pulmonary, and Critical Care

Jamie Pope, School of Nursing

Elaine Mahaffey, Virology Lab

Cristy Stickney, Nutrition Services

Brenda Zarth, Orthopaedic Surgery

April Clements, MICU

J.P. Norvell, School of Medicine

Faith Parrish, Emergency Department

Vatsal Thakkar, Psychiatry

Margaret Ann Montgomery, Rehabilitation Services

Edward G. Conture, Bill Wilkerson Center

Bruce Lin, Medical Student

Laura Williams, Pediatric Surgery

Christa Boehle, Surgical Research

Jeff Wilson, Respiratory Care

Ladd Campbell, Anesthesiology

Debbie Emory, Cumberland Pediatric Foundation

Butch Granada, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics

Jill White-Abell, Clinical Virology

Brandy Powers, General Surgery

Carly Feldott, Pharmacy

Evelyn Griffin, Pathology

Trent Rosenbloom, Biomedical Informatics

Julio Ayala, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics

Helen Murphy, Labor and Delivery

Dan Olive, Human Resource Services

Erin Welton, NICU

Andrew Goodman, Pharmacy

Sachin Paranjape, Cardiovascular Medicine

Karen Fritz, MICU

Xiaocong Yu, Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Keith Huff, Human Resource Services

April DeMers, Liver Transplant Program

Michelle Moorman, Day Surgery Center

Angela Land-Derick, Cell and Developmental Biology

Rachel Graham, Microbiology and Immunology

Holly Ables, Medicine

Sandy McCallister, Round Wing 7th Floor

John Pope, Pediatric Urology

Jennifer Eutsler, Labor and Delivery

Kelly Wright, Surgery

Jim Smith, Nephrology

Jennifer Wilkins, Pediatric Surgery

Lisa Hacker, PCCU

Ryan Moore, Medical School

Norrissa Kemp, Point of Care Testing

Nicole Christianson, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics

Matthew Andrews, Center for Better Health

Bob Wheaton, Environmental Health and Safety

Sheryl Stamer, Biochemistry

Jun Qian, Allergy, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Marshall L. Summar, Pediatric Genetics Practice

Denise Malone, Center for Molecular Neuroscience

Danica Partin, Allergy, Pulmonary and Critical Care

Paula Bergon, VMG Coding and Charge Entry

Gay Nell Krauss, Program for Vaccine Sciences Administration

Jennifer Fosnot, Pharmacy

Rachel Westman, Recovery Day Surgery

Helen Murphy, Labor and Delivery

Yun Wang, Informatics Center

Xinyuan Lu, Cancer Biology

Joan Garrett, Hematology/Oncology

Pat Flemming, Hearing and Speech Sciences

Mary Ann Stephens, Pathology

Les Lasater, Medical Information Services

Eula McCall, Orthopaedics/Urology

Jens Krause, Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Lu Ellen Davie, Institutional Review Board

John R. Sparks, Space and Facilities Planning

Lisa Long, Molecular Epidemiology

Rizwan Hamid, Pediatric Medical Genetics

Ken Frampton, Mechanical Engineering

Jana Foster, Heart and Vascular Institute

Kris Heaton, Social Work

John G. Benitez, Clinical Medicine (Medical Toxicology)

Deborah Johnson, Office of Compliance and Corporate Integrity

Winners of the Writing Contest 1985-2011

Geneva Tulsiani, Management Systems

Kenneth Roberts, Internal Audit

Michael Jackman, Diagnostic Radiology

Rebecca Frost Rhea, Radiation Oncology

Betty Kirby, Physical Therapy

Syd Mayberry, Center for Health Services

Frank Ashe, Printing Services

Sandra G. Kirchner, Radiology

Steve Richardson, Center for Health Services

George Henry Sprague, Jr., Surgery

Tom Ebers, Radiology

Robert Ensley, Surgical Research

Steven Wasserman, Anesthesiology

Carolyn Ballard, Management Systems

Manuel Martinez-Maldonado, Medicine/Nephrology

Robert Puckett, Pathology

Janice Savage, Surgical Sciences

Susan Messerle, Orthopaedics

C. William Stevens, Patient Accounting

Rod Lorenz, Pediatrics

Elizabeth Fowlie, Vanderbilt Medical School

Morgan Wills, School of Medicine

Christine Svitek, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Joy Marie Litton, Medicine

Holly Thompson Waldrop, Clinical Pharmacology

Paul Govern, Center for Patient Care Innovation

Denise Malone, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics

Odessa Settles, Pediatrics

Lisa Stenmark, Vice Chancellor’s Office

Kimbra Suzanne Wilder, Eskind Biomedical Library

Janell S. Kiel, Volunteer Services

Lynne L. McFarland, Psychiatry

Luke Davis, Vanderbilt School of Medicine

Cheryl Lison, The Learning Center

Rick Dye, Biochemistry

Mary Lee Jones, Neurological Surgery

Joy Phillips, Pediatric Cardiology

Sandra Atkinson, Ophthalmology

Yasmine Subhi Ali, Vanderbilt Medical School

Sandy Brauksieck, Eskind Biomedical Library

Tanya Warwick, Neurology

Dustin Morris, Anesthesiology

Susan Peck, Microbiology and Immunology

Kevin High, LifeFlight

Kashonda E. Babb, VMG Guest Services

Kathleen Stephens, Urology

Theresa Ruggles, Orthopaedics

Robert N. Anderson, LifeFlight

Jennifer Dix, Strategic Development

Julie Dykes, Hepatobiliary Surgery and Liver Transplantation

Christina Svitek, Pharmacology

Kyla Terhune, Surgery

Cora C. Coble, Finance

Barbara Brown, Phototherapy Treatment Center

Mandy Haynes, Pediatric Echo Lab

Jeff High, Cardiothoracic Surgery

Dana C. Smith, Pharmacy

Daniel Dorset, Institute of Chemical Biology

Marti Young, Student Health

Akshitkumar Mistry, Medical Student

Ginger T. Manley, Psychiatry

Peg McNabb, Network Computing Service

Nicole L. Baganz, Pharmacology

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