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MLOA Process

Students seeking to return from a Medical Leave of Absence will complete required paperwork that will be reviewed to determine whether the condition requiring the medical withdrawal has been corrected sufficiently to allow the student to resume their academic career at Vanderbilt successfully. Individual coaching is also available for returning students.
  1. Step 1
    Student submits initial request for medical leave with academic dean.
  2. Step 2
    Academic Dean submits a request for withdrawal with University Registrar Office.
  3. Step 3
    45 days prior to start of returning semester student submits required MLOA provider forms to CSW.
  4. Step 5
    Approval of return from CSW, notification sent to academic dean’s office.
  5. Step 6
    If follow-up plan is recommended by treatment provider, CSW, with appropriate releases, will contact UCC or Student Health Center to ensure follow-up plan can be met.
  6. Step 7
    The Director of CSW will coordinate the completion of reentry meeting, a Student Success Plan, and check-in meetings.

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