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Academic Skills Coaching

Academic and Study Skills

Many students find themselves overwhelmed, when all they need to do is polish their study skills and manage their time in order to apply them effectively. Academic coaching is a service offered by the Center for Student Wellbeing, which may make your college experience more productive.

While academic coaching is helpful to students who are experiencing academic difficulties, it is also beneficial to anyone who wishes to enhance their academic effectiveness.

Topics include:

    • Evidence-based learning strategies and implementation
    • Time management and organizational/study skills
    • Test preparation and test-taking skills
    • Writing papers and reports
    • Dissertation block coaching
    • Structure and accountability for long-term independent projects
    • Stress and anxiety due to academic issues

    Individual coaching sessions are available to Vanderbilt undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

    If you are having difficulties with your coursework, wish to improve your grade point average, or if you would simply like to raise your study techniques to meet your current environment, please contact us!

How to Access Academic and Study Skills Support

1.     Schedule a one-on-one appointment with an academic skills coach (during peak times of year there may be a wait).

  • First appointments typically last 45 minutes; at that time, you and your coach will decide about future meetings. Please bring relevant schoolwork, schedules, books,  and/or planners and calendars.
  • Call 615.322.0480 (on campus 2-0480) to schedule an appointment.

2.     Attend one or more Study Skills & Time Management Workshops

  • Learning how to learn (general study skills)
  • Time management
  • Reading strategies
  • Writing strategies
  • Test preparation

Please locate our schedule for Study Skills & Time Management workshops, including exam prep workshops, here.

Workshops are also available to classes/departments/organizations upon request, including study skills, time management, exam prep, mindfulness, and stress management.

3. Attend Study Hall hours

Students can seek help with time management, ask questions about how to study for a particular subject, and practice test anxiety reduction exercises.  This time is open for multiple student drop-ins and may not be as thorough as an individual meeting, but will be available each week class is in session. Most academic distress drop-in conversations last 15 minutes or so and are meant to address a single topic or concern. Individual academic coaching may be scheduled as a follow-up. Students are encouraged to use this monitored time and space to work on academic projects.

  • Wednesdays, 1-3pm, at the Center for Student Wellbeing, beginning the first day of classes

4. Attend the Writers’ Accountability Group (graduate and professional students only)

The Writers’ Accountability Group (WAG) offers students in the graduate and professional schools an opportunity to support each other through the writing process, facilitated by a CSW coach. Members will meet approximately monthly for one hour sessions, sharing goals and accountability-not text. Longer write-ins offer participants a committed writing time and space. Please the the WAG schedule here.

Participants should be actively writing and able to commit to regular attendance. Please email to register.