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Recovery Meeting

Vanderbilt Recovery Support in collaboration with Work/Life Connections is pleased to offer Recovery Support Meetings, which take place twice a week and are open to all staff, faculty, fellows, residents, and graduate/professional students. Both meetings are located in the Center for Student Wellbeing.  Tuesday meetings take place at 12:00pm in the VRS Lounge, and Thursday meetings take place at 8:00pm in the Classroom. 

Vanderbilt Recovery Support meetings follow an open discussion format. They are open to anyone who believes they can benefit from the group. While most attendees are in recovery from a chemical dependency addiction, those in or seeking recovery from any addiction or mood disorder are welcome to attend.

What can you expect at your first VRS meeting?

When attending for the first time, you can expect to find a private, intimate classroom setting. A chairperson will open the meeting with a topic. Attendees may share, one at a time, but sharing is not required. Attendees do not give advice or address anyone directly during the meeting. New attendees have the option to introduce themselves and are made to feel as welcome as possible, but will not be pressured to participate if they would just like to listen. While VRS is not religious in any way, subject matter may have a spiritual connotation unique to the person sharing.

We recognize that attending VRS for the first time may be nerve-racking. Many students have walked through the door unsure of what to expect, perhaps not even sure that they were ready to make a change. However, many found a community of like-minded peers that supported them in finding recovery. Vanderbilt Recovery Support exists to support those in the Vanderbilt community living or seeking a life of recovery. You Are Not Alone.

Please contact Katherine Drotos Cuthbert at 615-343-4740 or with any questions.

Upcoming Events

26 March
1:15 PM

27 March
9:30 AM

28 March
3:15 PM