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Spring 2021 COVID-19 Positive Cases Among On-Campus Vanderbilt Community Members

Vanderbilt University maintains this dashboard to inform the community about the number of positive COVID-19 test results and the positivity rate among members of the on-campus university community who are being tested through the university’s asymptomatic testing program. It also provides the community with a snap-shot of all positive covid-19 cases reported from other, symptomatic testing sources, including positive test result reports for:

  • Vanderbilt students residing on campus;
  • Vanderbilt students residing off-campus who are coming to the university campus;
  • Vanderbilt University-employed faculty, staff, and postdocs who are teaching, working or conducting research on the university campus.


Period Beginning Period Ending Symptomatic
Positive Tests
Total Tests
Positive Tests
Positive Rate
4/25/2021 5/1/2021 3 8,182 2 0.02%
4/18/2021 4/24/2021 1 9,297 11 0.12%
4/11/2021 4/17/2021 1 10,110 9 0.09%
4/4/2021 4/10/2021 4 10,545 19 0.18%
3/28/2021 4/3/2021 11 10,919 52 0.48%
3/21/2021 3/27/2021 13 11,730 28 0.24%
3/14/2021 3/20/2021 19 12,199 39 0.32%
3/7/2021 3/13/2021 17 12,997 37 0.28%
2/28/2021 3/6/2021 14 12,798 23 0.18%
2/21/2021 2/27/2021 11 12,821 52 0.41%
2/14/2021 2/20/2021 41 2,152 6 0.28%
2/7/2021 2/13/2021 13 13,699 30 0.22%
1/31/2021 2/6/2021 23 13,326 35 0.26%
1/10/2021 1/30/2021 174 14,159 105 0.74%



  • Undergrad — On Campus ASYMPTOMATIC
  • Undergrad — On Campus SYMPTOMATIC
  • Undergrad — Off Campus ASYMPTOMATIC
  • Undergrad — Off Campus SYMPTOMATIC
  • Graduate/Professional ASYMPTOMATIC
  • Graduate/Professional SYMPTOMATIC

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Faculty, Staff and postdoc

  • Staff and Postdocs ASYMPTOMATIC
  • Staff and Postdocs SYMPTOMATIC

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About the dashboard

  • The dashboard displays total tests, total positive tests and positivity rates for the University’s asymptomatic testing program. The asymptomatic testing program covers students, faculty, staff and postdocs regularly coming to campus.
  • In addition, positive test results from University and self-reported symptomatic testing are reported.
  • Daily breakdowns are provided for all positive testing results reported.
  • Data is reported based on the day the test was administered.
  • The dashboard is updated each Wednesday. Updates include testing totals and positive testing totals for the previous week, as well as the positivity rate for students, faculty and staff in the asymptomatic testing program.
  • As part of our health and safety protocols, all students participated in arrival testing. Data from the mandatory arrival tests, as well as ongoing mandatory asymptomatic testing of students, are included on this page.
  • Athletics students and staff are included in the university overall data.
  • Vanderbilt has partnered with Shield T3 to conduct its arrival and ongoing asymptomatic testing for the spring semester.
  • Applicable privacy and confidentiality laws prohibit the university from disclosing personally identifiable information about individuals who have tested positive.
  • Cases reflected here may be the result of community transmission (in the greater Nashville area or from positive tests while students were away from campus) rather than transmission from person to person on campus.
  • Weekly testing program numbers are provisional and subject to change based on the turnaround time of the university receiving test results. If results are received after the weekly publishing date, the University will update previous week numbers at the next dashboard update.

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