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Laser Safety


Sergey Avanesyan

Certified Laser Safety Officer

phone: 343-2336



Committee Charge:

The Laser Safety Committee will ensure that lasers are used safely and in compliance with accepted standards and local, State of Tennessee, and federal regulations.

Committee Members:

  • Aaron Covey, facilities analyst, facilities/dean’s office
  • Andrea George, director of environmental health and safety, division of administration
  • Anthony Tharp, assistant dean, School of Medicine
  • Bill Gabella, research assistant professor of physics, Arts and Science
  • Duco Jansen, senior associate dean for graduate education and faculty affairs, professor of biomedical engineering, professor of neurological surgery, School of Engineering
  • Doug Horr, associate vice chancellor, office of audit risk and compliance
  • Kelsey Bahadursingh, manager of internal audit, office of audit risk and compliance
  • Larry Cox, Engineering and Science Building manager, facilities/dean’s office
  • Liane Moneta-Koehler, assistant provost for research integrity and compliance, office of the vice provost for research
  • Matthew Tyska, Cornelius Vanderbilt Chair Professor of cell and developmental biology, scientific director of cell imaging share resource, School of Medicine
  • Mya Batton, senior director, risk and insurance management
  • Richard Haglund, Stevenson Professor of physics, Arts and Science
  • Ruth Nagareda, manager of compliance, office of audit risk and compliance
  • Shane Hutson (chair), chair and professor of physics and professor of biological sciences, Arts and Science