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LASA UPDATE!!!!  We will hold the GSN Meeting at LASA at 4:30pm on Friday, May 25.  Location still TBD. AAA UPDATE!!!! DEADLINE APPROACHING FOR SUBMISSION OF PANELS/ PAPERS


——————————————————————————————————————————————– 1.       NEW WEBSITE OF WAR TESTIMONIOS FROM LAURIE LEVINGER To the Guatemala Scholars Network: We have posted a new website that includes testimonies of survivors of the Guatemalan civil war. Some of these testimonies have been published in my book What War? Testimonies of Maya Survivors. Many have never been published. Please read and/or contribute to the website, and pass along the link: Thank you. laurie levinger Anna Moccia-Field ——————————————————————————————————————————————– 2.       CALL FOR SUPPORT FOR VICTIMS OF RAPE AND OTHER VIOLENCE AS A RESULT OF MINING EVICTIONS When security forces of a Canadian mining company brutally evicted Mayan families from their villages in Guatemala, eleven women were raped, a community leader was killed, and a young man paralyzed. Now villagers are standing up and suing HudBay Minerals for these horrific crimes — but they need our help to match the corporate legal firepower and win their case! The victims have filed a lawsuit in Canada, where HudBay’s headquarters are located. But HudBay is asking that the court turn over the lawsuit to Guatemala, where its weak courts are likely to let them go free. Experts say that the ruling could have massive reverberations beyond Canadian borders — a win for the plaintiffs could force HudBay and other multinationals to clean up their acts abroad. The court hearing is happening now and the plaintiffs need our help to cover the legal costs — if we raise enough funds, we can give these villagers the same legal firepower as HudBay’s corporate machine, achieve justice for the victims, and continue campaigning to protect human rights over profits around the world. Click to chip in. If just 20,000 of us donate today, we could help end these mining murders for good by setting a key legal precedent.


3.       EXPERT WITNESS NEEDED REGARDING GANG VIOLENCE OF MS13 I was hoping I could get your help.  I am currently working at the Immigration Law Clinic.  We are currently searching for someone whom has expertise in gang-relationships in Honduras.  I was wondering if you had any contacts. We have a client, "E."  E witnessed her significant other be shot by MS-13 gang members.  She suspects he was murdered because of affiliation with a rival gang, Mara 18.  MS-13 has threatened her life on several occasions for both, being a witness and being her significant other's "wife." We need to establish that (1) common law marriages are viewed as valid in Honduras in lieu of actual marriages or significant others are viewed as legitimate family members, (2) gang members will pursue family or significant others of former/current gang members and/or (3) gang members will pursue people who witness the murders they commit. Our case is set for April 16, 2012<x-apple-data-detectors:// 5>.  We are requesting low-cost or pro bono.  I would appreciate any help you could give in finding someone who might have done research on MS-13, Mara 18 and other gang relationships in Honduras/Central America.  If you are available or have any contacts, please let me know. Yours Truly, Noreen Barcena University of La Verne College of Law 2012 JD Candidate La Verne Justice and Immigration Clinic Student Representative Hispanic National Bar Association George Lopez Chapter 2011-2012 President Mexican American Bar Association 2012 Vice-Chair of La Verne<> (323) 855-8275<tel:%28323%29%20855-8275 ——————————————————————————————————————————————– 4.       AAA CALLS FOR EXPERTS ON MAYA RELIGION AND 2012 2012 Expert Media List Do you specialize in Mayan studies, folklore, or the apocalypse? If so, we'd like to add you to our expert database to share with the media. With the current fascination about the year 2012, AAA is helping the media with the diverse angles of the story. E-mail Joslyn or call 703-528-1902 x1171 with your name, preferred contact information and area of expertise


5.      DEADLINE APPROACHING FOR XELA BASED SUMMER ETHNOGRAPHIC FIELDSCHOOL Study the life and culture of the highland Maya June 19—July 31, 2012


6         UNDERGRADUATE CREDITS IN ANTHROPOLOGY Registration deadline: March 23, 2012 Program Director: Dr. Maury Hutcheson: Program cost: $2,250 (includes roundtrip airfare) plus applicable VCU tuition (6 credits—approx. $1,908)[1] Course description: Based in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, this six-week program provides students with a comprehensive overview of Mayan indigenous life in Guatemala, past and present, including opportunities for individual and group research through participant observation, attendance at cultural events, lectures on selected topics, and excursions to museums and major archaeological sites dating from the earliest days of the Olmec/Maya transition to the contact-era capitals that were toppled by the Spanish conquistadors. Highland Guatemala provides an ideal setting in which to explore anthropological topics such as cultural pluralism, religious conservation and change, local responses to globalization, and cultural revitalization movements. Students will gain practical experience in a variety of ethnographic research techniques as well as the ethical dimension of anthropological fieldwork while exploring historical continuities and transformations in Mayan culture and religious practice, especially in response to economic globalization and tourism. Students live with Guatemalan families. Course instruction is in English, but incorporates two weeks of individualized one-on-one tutoring in Spanish. The program is especially well suited to students in anthropology, international studies, history, and religious studies. Interethnic relations between the Maya and their non-indigenous Ladino neighbors are a special focus of the program. The international program fee of $2,250 includes the following: Roundtrip airfare between Washington, DC and Guatemala City [2] All accommodations in Guatemala All meals while living with Guatemalan families Study visits and cultural excursions to museums and archaeological sites All ground transportation in Guatemala On-site program director support Application fee, deposit, and International Student Identification Card (Personal expenses not included in the program fee are estimated at $500) [1] Transfer credits are available for non-VCU students. The Virginia in-state tuition is $318 per credit ($1,908 total for six credits). Out-of-state students who participate in faculty-led VCU Study Abroad programs are eligible for a 40% discount on the regular out-of-state tuition costs. For 2012, the discounted out-of-state tuition for this program will be $514 per credit (or $3.068 total for the six credits). [2] Pending authorization, out-of-state students students may, in special cases, be permitted to depart from and/or return to another major airport hub. For more information, and to apply, visit the Global Education Office website: Program website:


6.       SUPPORT FORTHCOMING DOCUMENTARY ON MINIMD AND EXPLOITATION IN GUATEMALA Rights Action – March 7, 2012 FORTHCOMING DOCUMENTARY FILM:GOLD MINING AND GLOBAL IMPUNITY IN GUATEMALA In the film, Noam Chomsky asks: Is it proper "to benefit from over half a century of repression, violence, destruction, and elimination of democracy"? Trailer: With the price of gold possibly rising to $2000/ ounce in the near future, Goldcorp Inc. continues to mine relentlessly in San Miguel Ixtahuacan, western Guatemala, despite 7 years of documented health and environmental harms and other human rights violations. Investors across North America – from public pension funds to private equity capital – continue to profit from their investments, with no concern for how the profits are made. "This is a story about local communities and gold mining – yes – but we want to share with our audiences our broader goal as well.  Our intent is to connect the struggles of people like Diodora and communities like San Miguel Ixtahuacan to broader global themes of globalization, inequality and extraction." (JT Haines, filmmaker) (Filmmaker Andrew Sherburne interviews Diodora Hernandez. She stands in front of her home on the spot where she was shot and left for dead on July 7, 2010. The bullet entered her right eye and exited by her right ear. After 3 months in hospital, she miraculously survived and returned home. Diodora was shot because she has protested many times against harms and violations caused by the mine and because she refused to sell her land to the company. Photo: Grahame Russell, March 6, 2012) Rights Action continues to fund and work with community based groups in San Miguel Ixtahuacan suffering and denouncing the harms and violations, struggling for an economic development model that is controlled by and benefits all Guatemalans and that is in harmony with the environment; we continue to provide humanitarian relief funds to Mayan Mam villagers victims of the harms and violations. MORE INFORMATION:Grahame Russell (in Guatemala),, [011] [502] 4955-3634 WHAT TO DO: See below

****************** From the G Project Film UPDATE ON FORTHCOMING GUATEMALA DOCUMENTARY(San Miguel Ixtahuacan, Guatemala, March 6, 2012) The struggle in San Miguel Ixtahuacan continues, as community members seek to defend their rights to land, water, and life in the presence of La Mina Marlin – the open-pit, cyanide leaching gold mine owned by the Canadian mining company, Goldcorp Inc. The G Project Film (a Minnesota-based nonprofit) is pleased to announce its new, soon-to-be-released documentary film about this struggle. Filmmakers Andrew Sherburne and JT Haines are on location right now in the mine-affected areas, for the project's fourth and final scheduled visit before release. "We had a beautiful day of filming today," said JT Haines. "We returned to the farm of Diodora Hernandez, to hear from her and her family about how their lives continue to be affected by the mine.  Amidst Diodora's stories of water shortages and violence, we were lucky also to witness Diodora shepherding her animals down the steep slopes of her family's land — a regular occurrence for her, to be sure, but an incredible sight for us.  We can't wait for our visit tomorrow with Gregoria, to hear more about the status of her amazing story of repression, resistance and dignity as well." (Diodora caring for her cows and sheep. Photo: Grahame Russell, March 6, 2012) "This is a story about local communities and gold mining – yes – but we want to share with our audiences our broader goal as well.  Our intent is to connect the struggles of people like Diodora and communities like San Miguel Ixtahuacan to broader global themes of globalization, inequality and extraction."(JT Haines) To connect Diodora's story to the broader themes, G Project has also conducted interviews with noted scholars and experts such as Noam Chomsky, John Perkins, and UN Special Rapporteur James Anaya.  As Noam Chomsky asks in this brief video trailer (, is it proper "to benefit from over half a century of repression, violence, destruction, and elimination of democracy"? From Noam to Diodora, this is a local to global story, and it's not a story you're likely to see on the evening news. FOR MORE INFORMATION & TO SUPPORT: Your input and feedback are very welcome. Thank you kindly for your interest. JT ******************** WHAT TO DO SUPPORT THE G Project Film: HONDURAS DELEGATION, MAY 19-28, 2012"The Coup vs. Democracy: Struggle of the Popular Movements"Write to: GUATEMALA DELEGATION, JULY 7-15, 2012"Community well-being, human rights & the environment * versus * mining companies that moil for gold (silver & nickel)"Write to: TO MAKE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS for indigenous and campesino organizations and NGOs working for community-controlled development, environmental justice, human rights & justice in Guatemala and Honduras, make check payable to "Rights Action" and mail to:UNITED STATES: Box 50887, Washington DC, 20091-0887CANADA: 552 – 351 Queen St. E, Toronto ON, M5A-1T8 CREDIT-CARD DONATIONS can be made (anonymously): www.rightsaction.orgIn Canada: USA: OF STOCK can be made (anonymously): ************************

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