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Red Dots

Research shows that thousands in the US and around the world are victims of power-based personal violence.  Each incident hurts all of us.  These acts of violence are like red dots covering a map, much like an epidemic spreading out of control if not stopped.  Categories of red dots that are the focus of Vanderbilt Green Dot are explained below.  For more information about resources for someone who has experienced power-based personal violence, please click here.


Power-Based Personal Violence
A form of violence that has as a primary motivator the assertion of power, control and/or intimidation in order to harm another.  This includes partner violence, sexual assault, stalking, bullying, child abuse, and elder abuse.  It includes the use of alcohol or drugs to commit any of these acts.  These acts are inclusive of acts committed by strangers, friends, acquaintances, intimates, or other persons.  For a complete list of resources around power-based personal violence, please click here.

Sexual Violence
Any sexual contact that lacks consent and/or capacity to give consent.  Includes forcible fondling, sexual assault, rape and attempted rape.

Intimate Partner Violence
Physical, sexual or psychological harm, or threat of harm, by a current or former partner.  Intimate Partner Violence is also known as dating violence, domestic violence, intimate partner abuse, relationship violence, etc.

Course of conduct targeted at an individual or group that would cause a reasonable person to feel afraid.  Examples include unwanted calling, texting, and facebooking; sending unwanted letters/gifts; following a person; etc.

Targeting & Bullying
A pattern of behaviors directed toward an individual based upon their identity, behavior, membership in a group or organization, or otherwise, that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working, living, or learning environment. For more information about online bullying, please click here.