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The Greek Member Experience Tracks

The Greek Member Experience Tracks Explained

Healthy Behaviors Track

  • Each member is expected to complete at least 2 Healthy Behavior experiences.
    • Examples of experiences that would fulfill this expectation: Center for Student Wellbeing programming (Yoga/Mediation), Alcohol & Social Responsibility Training, MAPS, Green Dot, PCC Leaps, Vandy Sex Ed, VPD, Safe Alcohol & Drug Awareness Week, chapter specific program (i.e. required program from national organization)

Personal Development Track

  • Each member is expected to complete at least 2 experiences.
  • Examples of experiences that would fulfill this expectation: Career Center Industry Fairs, EVOLVE, Prevail, IMPACT, Project Dialogue, TEDx, etc.

Diversity & Inclusion Track

  • Each member is expected to complete at least 3 experiences, 1 of which must be the Expanding Perspective Reflection
  • Examples of experiences that would fulfill this expectation: MLK Day, InVUsion, MLC events, Hidden Dores programs, Interfaith Council programs, Safe Zone, Greek Allies, ISSS, I-Lens, Drag Show, World on Wednesdays, Rhythm & Roots, chapter specific program  (i.e. chapters sponsors a LGBT Speak Out panel at a chapter meeting).

Campus Involvement Track

  • Each member is expected to complete at least 2 experiences.
  • Examples of experience that would fulfill this expectation: Homecoming block party, attendance at specific athletic events, participation in a non-Greek student organization/club sport, member of a varsity athletic team, attendance at a VU Theater or Original Cast performance, participation in giving efforts for VU (Commons, Senior Class fund, Greek Legacy Fund, etc.)

Community Impact Track

  • Each member is expected to complete at least 2 experiences, 1 of which must be completion of 15 community service hours.
  • Examples of experiences that would fulfill this expectation: Greek philanthropy events, campus-wide community service/philanthropic events, ASB, Manna, KickOff Cook Off, Lights on the Lawn, Greeks & Athletes Trick-or Treat, MLK service weekend projects.

**All members must complete 15 hours of community service as 1 of these experiences, which must be documented through Anchor Link.   These service hours can be sponsored by the chapter or elsewhere on campus/in Nashville.  All service hours must be direct service, not philanthropy participation (i.e. chapter members volunteering at soup kitchen/local school).**

Faculty Engagement Track

  • Each member is expected to complete at least 2 experiences.
  • Examples of experiences that would fulfill this expectation: Commons programs, Warren & Moore programs, chapter sponsored faculty events, the Crawford Lecture, MLK Day Teach-Ins, participation in house council/college hall council, Mayfield and McTyeire participants, chapter sponsored faculty relations events (i.e. chapter hosts a faculty brunch to give out academic awards).

Reflection Forms

Expanding Perspective Reflection:

One significant change for the 17-18 academic year is that all members of the community will be expected to complete an Expanding Perspectives Reflection Form. This form will allow members to reflect on an experience that has caused them to consider their perspective in a new way, to think critically about an issue around the topics of equity, diversity and inclusion.  It might be from an experience inside the classroom, in the residence hall, by attending a program or in engaging in a critical debate at the chapter house, it is any experience that causes a member to expand their perspective and think differently about an issue, the community, the campus or the world.  All members are required to submit this form.  It must be submitted within 2 weeks of the experience taking place. 

Fill it out here:

Student Employment Reflection:

Members who have jobs on or off campus can fill out the Student Employment Reflection.  This includes members who are student teaching or completing HOD internships.

Fill it out here:

GME Credit for Greek Members participating in researching, independent study, teaching assistants with VU Faculty and/or engineering senior design project form should be filled out here:

Personal Reflection form:

Because all events are not submitted for approval for Greek Member Experience credit due to size, scope or sponsoring organization/department, you may complete this reflection form for credit consideration if you feel like an event that you attended fits within the Faculty Engagement, Healthy Behaviors, Community Impact or Personal Development tracks.  These forms MUST be submitted within 2 weeks of the event and meet learning outcomes.  Diversity & Inclusion experiences will be included in the Expanding Perspectives Reflection.  This is a great way to capture your experience at a program sponsored by your academic department or when you attend a conference sponsored by your national organization.   If you would like credit for attending a coaching appointment at the Career Center, you must fill out a Personal Reflection form, no automatic credit will be given for 17-18 for these appointments.

Fill it out here:

Missing Credit Forms

Rarely, you may attend an event and do not receive credit when you should have for a legitimate reason.  For example, the sponsoring organization had a disruption in internet service or perhaps your card was broken.  In that rare circumstance, you may submit a missing credit form.  Given that you are expected to be fully present for GME events, arriving late or leaving early is not be a reason that you fail to swipe in at an event.  As such, no member can submit more than 2 missing credit forms in the calendar year.

Fill it out here:

Other special considerations

In recognition for the time that members completing their HOD internship or student teaching spend away from campus and the impact they are making in the community through these roles, members that are completing these academic requirements during Fall 2017 or Spring 2018 will be eligible to earn one credit in the Community Impact track by completing this notification form:

Chapter Leader Responsibility

This approach shifts the role of chapter leaders from collecting and managing lots of data to a strategic planner, collaborator and promoter for purposeful activities for their members.  This system allows the Greek community to be a better collaborator with other organizations on campus, capitalizing on great programming that other organizations are doing instead of forcing chapters to put on programs simply to meet a standard.  This approach emphasizes personal accountability and choice for individual Greek members in shaping their experience to best suit their needs, instead of a “one size fits all” programming method.

In order for the chapter members to achieve their expected participation in each track, chapter leaders will promote The Greek Member Experience events being hosted on campus as well as plan and execute some chapter specific events that will assist members in completing each track.  Some examples:

  1. Philanthropy Chair plans annual chapter philanthropy event and indicates that they would like it to be included in The Greek Member Experience program.  Once approved, members and guests swipe in at the event, they will automatically receive credit in the Community Impact track for their participation.
  2. Chapter hosts annual Faculty Relations Luncheon as a way for chapter members to meet the Faculty Engagement track.  When the event is made in AnchorLink, chapter officer indicates that it should be included in The Greek Member Experience program and when members swipe in to the event, they automatically receive credit for the Faculty Engagement track.


All chapter presidents will have created an Action Plan for 17-18 after their 16-17 submission.  It will be critical that they follow through with that action plan.  Those chapters that failed to meet the 80% completion benchmark for 16-17 and fail to meet their action plans will automatically lose the privilege to host social events.  As we progress through 17-18, if chapters fail to meet any of the benchmarks at Fall, Winter or Spring breaks, the chapter will not be permitted to host any social events until the next GME reporting period where they chapter meets the requirement.  Action plans will be created at each benchmark for chapters that fail to meet the requirement.


At each reporting period, there will be incentives for chapters, individuals or both.  These incentives will include concert tickets (Jay-Z, Commodore Quake, Rites of Spring, others TBD), small group activities (Escape Game, Indoor GoKarting, Laser Tag, Predators game, etc.), chapter meals, box seats for football or basketball game, promotional items and other suggestions from chapter leaders.