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GME Member Guide

Greek Member Experience 2019 – 2020

Purpose:  In order to emphasize individual member development and to further demonstrate the commitment of Greek organizations to be leaders within the Vanderbilt community, the Office of Greek Life launched the Greek Member Experience in the 2015-2016 academic year. The Greek Member Experience (GME) consists of a set of minimum chapter expectations including member engagement in programs and activities in six tracks: Campus Involvement, Community Impact, Diversity & Inclusion, Faculty Engagement, Healthy Behaviors and Personal Development, as well as chapter operations expectations in academic performance, risk management, new member education and national organization engagement.

This program allows our community to explicitly demonstrate to faculty, staff, prospective members, alumni and parents what it means to be a member of a fraternity or sorority. It makes it very clear that being a member of a fraternity or sorority comes with high expectations of engagement and personal development. This program replaced the VU Fraternity & Standards Program and focuses on individual member development and accountability and allows our community to share our story in a data driven way with an improved tracking system to ease the documentation process for chapter leaders.  After a pilot year in 15-16 and three full years of  implementation in 16-17, 17-18 and 18-19, changes have been made each year based on student feedback and program capacity to continually improve the program.

Individual Member Minimum Expectations 

  • All chapter members are expected to earn 12 GME track credits throughout the year and complete 15 hours of community service, for a total of 13 GME credits.
    • Complete 2 credits in the Campus Involvement track
    • Complete 2 credits in the Community Impact track
    • Complete 2 credits in the Diversity & Inclusion track
    • Complete 2 credits in the Faculty Engagement track
    • Complete 2 credits in the Healthy Behaviors track
    • Complete 2 credits in the Personal Development track
    • Complete and document 15 hours of hand on community service

Reflection Forms

Student Employment Reflection:

Members who have jobs on or off campus can fill out the Student Employment Reflection to earn one credit for the year in the Personal Development track.  This work must take place during the 19-20 academic year.  This includes members who are student teaching or completing HOD internships.

Members participating in researching, independent study, teaching assistants with VU Faculty and/or engineering senior design projects

Because of the close contact and work with faculty members involved with research, independent study, serving as a TA or completing the engineering senior design projects, members can earn one credit for the year in the Faculty Engagement track by filling out the form below.

Personal Reflection form:

Because all events are not submitted for approval for Greek Member Experience credit due to size, scope or sponsoring organization/department, members may complete this reflection form for credit consideration if they feel like an event they  attended fits within the Faculty Engagement, Healthy Behaviors, Diversity & Inclusion, Community Impact or Personal Development tracks.  These forms MUST be submitted within 2 weeks of the event and meet learning outcomes.  This is a great way to capture your experience at a program sponsored by an academic department or when members attend a conference sponsored by your national organization.   If you members like credit for attending a coaching appointment at the Career Center, you must fill out a Personal Reflection form, no automatic credit will be given for 19-20 for these appointments.

Fill it out here:

HOD Internship & Student Teaching Form

In recognition for the time that members completing their HOD internship or student teaching spend away from campus and the impact they are making in the community through these roles, members that are completing these academic requirements during Fall 2019 or Spring 2020 will be eligible to earn one credit in the Community Impact track by completing this notification form.  This is in addition to the Student Employment Form:

Other special considerations

Contributions of more than $20 to the Senior Class Fund will again be counted in the Community Impact track.  Names will only be uploaded once per week.

The following groups will be added by Fall Break via University roster, no reporting from members is required:

  • Resident Advisors (Commons = Faculty Engagement credit, Non-Commons = Campus Involvement credit)
  • Vuceptors, Faculty Engagement credit
  • Varsity Athletes, 1 Healthy Behaviors credit & 1 Campus Involvement credit
  • ROTC, 1 Healthy Behaviors credit & 1 Campus Involvement credit
  • Greek Member living in Mayfield, McGill or McTyeire, Faculty Engagement credit
  • Greek Members serving on Commons and College Hall House Councils, Faculty Engagement credit (these will be updated in January as well)
  • Abroad members will earn 1 credit in each track during the semester they are away, assuming that the chapter president has appropriately updated their roster.

Events in a Series

A limited number of events are included as part of a series where events that are similar are grouped together and you can only earn one credit for participation in any of the events in that specific series/bucket.  This includes: theater performances, Blair performances, trainings that are all the same (i.e. PRIDE, bystander intervention, MAPS, etc.).  There are far less events that will be a part of a series than there were in 2019-2020.

Included Athletic Events

There will be several special athletic events throughout the year that have been selected by the Athletics Department for inclusion in GME.  These specific events are the only events that we will be included in GME.  Just because one selected football or soccer game has been included does not mean that other sporting events will be added.  DO NOT submit missing credit forms or personal reflection forms or send emails regarding this matter.  These special events have been selected intentionally to drive attendance to a specific athletic event.

Viewing Eligible Experiences & Tracking Progress

Members will be able to view details for all eligible events/opportunities and track their progress through the “Paths” dashboard of Anchor Link. Students can access the Greek Member Experience by logging into Anchor Link ( and clicking on the name of the program under “Paths” on your home page.  You can find events by using the following steps:

Step 1: Click your user picture and select paths from the drop down menu

Step 2: In the “Progress for:” field, select “Greek Member Experience 2019 – 2020”

Step 3: To view specific events within a “track”, click that particular “track” and select an Item.

Step 4: Select a time filter to see what events are coming up. (i.e. within the next month)

Community Service Hours

All members of the Greek community will be required to complete and document at least 15 hours of hands on community service per year (May 1, 2019 –  April 30, 2020)

Students must be actively engaged in actual service during these hours (ex. Food bank, tutoring, park clean-up) and participation in philanthropy/fundraising events or donation drives will not count towards completion of this item. Students must log all community service hours through Anchor Link. Chapter officers are responsible for reviewing and approving all service hours.

Members are all required to submit their own service hours using the process below:

Adding Individual Service Hours

  • Find Service Hours in the right-hand pop-out menu on the right under your initial or photo.
  • Click the + Add Service Hours button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  •  Select your Greek organization, even if you did the service with another campus organization (i.e. TAP, ASB). This is the only way that the hours will count towards the chapters overall hours and GME progress. 
  • Be sure to complete all required fields, and provide a contact to verify the hours.
  • Once you have submitted your service hours, the number of hours you submitted will appear under “Pending Hours” until the administrator of your organization approves them. This is usually the Community Service Chair.

Approving Service Hours (to be completed by the Community Service Chair or other chapter leader)

  • Click the on the grid and navigate to the Manage You will see a list of the organizations for which you are in a leadership role leader.
  • Click on our chapter.
  • Click the toolbar to the left of the organization name, then click Service Hours.
  • On the Manage Service Hours page, you will be able to see the total number of pending, approved, and denied service hours.
  • To approve hours, review the information provided; you will be able to view the entire description and verification information after clicking either Approve or Deny. A new window will open containing the submission details. Here you can provide comment and either approve or deny. It is your responsibility to only approve actual hands on community service (ex. Food bank, tutoring, park clean-up).
  • The total number of pending, approved or denied hours will update following each submission review.