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Annual Reports

Greek Life Annual Report

18-19 Greek Community Annual Report

The annual report link above includes information that can be helpful for potential members and parents in learning about our chapters.  It includes the GPA from each semester last year as well as the membership size from Spring 2019.   The philanthropy dollars, community service hours, participation in national organization leadership programs, local and national awards information are self-reported for each chapter and chapter member.

The Greek Member Experience (GME) Program is our member engagement curriculum which showcases the participation of membership in 6 different areas or “tracks” – Personal Development, Healthy Behaviors, Faculty Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, Community Impact and Campus Involvement.  The minimum expectation for GME completion is 80% in the Overall Completion, which almost every chapter met during the 18-19 academic year.  The percentages included in the specific tracks indicate what percentage of the chapter earned at least 2 credits in that specific track for the year.

Chapters with a Yes in the column “ Chapter was found responsible for a risk management violation” means that the chapter did have a violation of University policy during the 18-19 academic year.  Common risk management policy violations include: furnishing alcohol to persons under the legal drinking age, liquor or wine in a chapter facility, drinking games, hosting an unregistered event, disorderly conduct, etc.

Chapters with a Yes in the column “Chapter was found responsible for a new member education or hazing violation” means that the chapter did have a violation of the University’s new member education or hazing policies during the 18-19 academic year.

When violations occur, chapters are held accountable in accordance with the severity of the violation, the chapter’s disciplinary history, and attitude of the chapter in addressing the violation.  Violations may lead to the restriction of social privileges and include educational programming in conjunction with their respective national organization to address the issues and change culture and outcomes within the chapter.

When violations are severe, chapters can lose recognition from campus all together.  At this time, the following chapters are not recognized organizations at Vanderbilt due to prior violations of policy:  Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Kappa Psi, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Phi Delta Theta and Beta Theta Pi.  The University will work with the respective national organization and alumni from all of these chapters on a plan for them to return to Vanderbilt in accordance with the terms of their suspensions as determined by the Interfraternity Council and/or national organization.