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Global Fund Overview, Eligibility and Process

Program Overview

The Global Research and Engagement Micro-Grant Program helps faculty pursue international research, scholarship and creative expression projects or pursue strategic, time-sensitive opportunities for global research and engagement. This program is designed to support smaller scale projects that are not conducive to existing internal funding programs.

Eligibility and Funding Guidelines

  1. All full-time, VU-employed (Provost-reporting) faculty are eligible. Non-tenure track faculty must obtain approval from their dean.
  2. Faculty may submit one proposal per year as lead faculty.
  3. Applicants are encouraged to consider how their proposal advances inclusive excellence.
  4. Funds may not be used to support faculty salary.
  5. Faculty who receive a Global Research and Engagement Micro-Grant award are not eligible to submit another proposal (as lead faculty) until their current award is complete and all reporting requirements have been met.
  6. Awards are based partly on need. As a result, each participating faculty member must disclose institutional resources available in the form of start-up funds or other discretionary research funds. All institutional research-support funds must be noted, including endowed-chair funds, annual allocations and other such sources.
  7. All funds must be used within the fiscal year they are awarded.

Proposal Guidelines

All proposals must be submitted online using InfoReady Review, Vanderbilt’s online submissions portal.

  • Project title (less than 9 words)
  • Summary – brief review of proposed project, program or travel for use in promotional materials (50 words max)
  • Detailed proposal (750 words max)
    • Discuss the overarching theme, research question or area of scholarship to be addressed
    • Address the impact on the field, faculty involved and/or university
    • Detail the timeliness and/or time-sensitivity of the funding
    • Review how funds will be used
    • If relevant, discuss why it is important for Vanderbilt to engage on this event or incident
  • Measures of success (250 words max)
    • Discuss goals, expected impact and/or related deliverables
  • Disclosure of current internal resources for all VU faculty involved
  • Budget
    • Provide line items of estimated expenses, total not to exceed $5,000 (exceptions will be considered based on funds available)