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Resources available to students

Visit the Project Safe Center for Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response’s advocacy webpage for additional resources, and information on confidentiality regarding any of the resources listed below. Students can also review this one-page resource list on Vanderbilt’s sexual misconduct support and resources

  • Project Safe Center for Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response: this center provides a broad array of resources and programs for undergraduate, graduate and professional students on issues related to gender harassment, sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and other forms of sexual misconduct, including workshops on recognizing warning signs, bystander intervention, setting boundaries, information on how to support survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence, customized programs and more.
  • Student Care Network: this website lists a broad array of sexual resources across campus available to students.
  • Student Health Center: the Student Health Center has healthcare providers who are trained in the medical evaluation and treatment of all students who have sustained a sexual assault. These providers are a confidential source. During a visit to the Student Health Center, students can expect to receive comprehensive care that is sensitive to their sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. The providers at the Student Health Center are all knowledgeable about health care concerns students might have. Students can call 615-322-2254 and request a same-day appointment. Students who have experienced sexual assault who wish to have a forensic examination conducted by a sexual nurse examiner (sometimes called a “SANE exam” or “rape kit”) may request this at the Student Health Center.
  • Title IX and Student Discrimination Office: this office provides support and resources for students as well as information on how to report an incident. An investigation is not typically required for those seeking accommodations.