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Sonia Kwok Wong

Dissertation: The Solomonic Kingdom as a Fantasy of the Imperialized Yehudites

Sonia Kwok Wong is a PhD candidate in Hebrew Bible. She is currently working on her dissertation, “The Solomonic Kingdom as a Fantasy of the Imperialized Yehudites,” in which she analyzes 1 Kings 1:1-12:24 from a postcolonial-psychoanalytic perspective with the Freudian notion of fantasy as a wish-fulfilling narrative. Sonia has a B.Ed. (University of Alberta; 1994), a M.Div. (Chinese University of Hong Kong; 2008), and a M.A. (Vanderbilt University; 2013). Before she embarked on her academic journey, she taught high-school mathematics and music for eleven years. She completed a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education and also worked as a pastoral staff intern in her own denomination, the Methodist Church of Hong Kong. Her research interests include the Deuteronomistic Historiography, the Pentateuch, Chinese Popular Religion, postcolonial biblical criticism, and psychoanalytic criticism. Her publications include “The Birth, Early Life, and Commission of Moses: A Reading from Post-Handover Hong Kong,” in Exodus and Deuteronomy (ed. Athalya Brenner and Gale A. Yee; Minneapolis: Fortress, 2012), 139-155; “The Notion of k-p-r in the Book of Leviticus and Chinese Popular Religion,” in Leviticus and Numbers (ed. Athalya Brenner and Archie C. C. Lee; Minneapolis: Fortress, 2013), 77-95; “A Comparison of Chinese Creation Myths and Biblical Texts,” in Global Perspectives on the Bible (ed. Mark Roncace and Joseph Weaver; Boston: Pearson, 2014), 2-3.

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