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Christopher Corbin

Dissertation: “Uniting Warmth and Light: Samuel Taylor Coleridge as Defender of an Evangelical Anglican Christianity.”

Christopher Corbin’s research interests include English and American Romanticism; 18th century British religious thought; Wesleyan and Anglican theology; ecclesiology; and the relationships between theology and Anglo-American philosophy, the natural sciences, economics, and ecology. These various fields of inquiry flow from an overarching interest in critical and constructive theological engagement with modernity in its various permutations. His dissertation research deals specifically with the ways in which the development of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s theological and philosophical thought depended upon certain cultural changes in late 18th century British society brought about by Methodism and the broader evangelical movement. Beyond his specifically theological interests, he is also interested in investigating alternative models of theological education and pastoral formation, the place of theological education in the contemporary university, the relationship between theological schools and the church, and ecumenism.