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Bridgett Green

Bridgett A. Green is a doctoral candidate in New Testament and Early Christianity. With the supervision of Dr. Fernando Segovia, her work focuses on the Gospel of Luke, particularly its vision for transformation in sociopolitical dynamics and power differentials in human relationships as a response to the kingdom of God as illustrated in Luke 18:1-30. Her research interests include literary criticism, postcolonial criticism, and feminist criticisms.   Bridgett’s minor area is the Hebrew Bible with a concentration in African American hermeneutics.  In addition to being fellow in the Program of Theology and Practice, she is doctoral fellow (2009-2011) for the Fund for Theological Education.

 A teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Bridgett serves the denomination widely. She has worked in various capacities in the Presbyterian Mission Agency at the national office in Louisville, KY.  Most notably, she ministered as the associate for Racial Ethnic Young Women Together (REYWT), where she facilitated and connected the leadership of young adult women of color to the work of the national offices, committees, and middle councils of the denomination, and as Coordinator of Women’s Ministry and Racial Justice. She preaches and teaches nationally for various conferences, congregations, and gatherings on the New Testament, women’s ministries, and multiculturalism.