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Andrew Krinks

Postdoctoral Fellow, Initiative for Race Research and Justice

Andrew Krinks is a postdoctoral fellow with Vanderbilt University’s Initiative for Race, Research, and Justice where he conducts research on racial justice as it relates to education, carceral institutions, and public health.

As an educator, Andrew teaches community-engaged seminary and divinity school courses on religion, Christian theology and ministry, mass incarceration, and social justice. Outside of the traditional classroom, he facilitates political education in support of social movements against mass criminalization.

As a scholar and writer, Andrew has written for both academic and popular forums on a range of subjects, including political theologies of whiteness, racial justice, and economic democracy; embodied spirituality on Tennessee’s death row; and the religious dimensions of community organizing. His first book, White Property, Black Trespass: The Religion of Mass Criminalization, will be published by NYU Press in 2023. The book interprets the criminalization of Black and dispossessed peoples as a religious project that creates, saves, and sustains racial capitalist settler colonial order by exiling those who trespass against it to carceral hell. He is currently at work on a second book on the role of religion and spirituality in the movement for a world without police and prisons.

In addition to his teaching and scholarly work, as a public researcher, Andrew has co-authored and facilitated multiple collaborative and participatory action studies on criminalization, homelessness, policing, city budgets, and the experiences of people caged in prisons, jails, and immigration detention centers during the COVID-19 pandemic. In continuity with his teaching, writing, and public research, Andrew builds movement and organizes with others in Middle Tennessee for a world of abundance and safety beyond carceral institutions.