Joyce Tenneson – Botanical Beauty

(July 26 – August 18, 2018)

Celebrating two recent gifts by Melissa and Scott Tannen (BA ’99), Joyce Tenneson – Botanical Beauty presents two portfolios by the artist, both of which feature atmospheric, poetic photographs of flowers in high contrast with a black background. The first series, Flower Portraits, presents sepia-toned images of flowers in decay. Tenneson has adeptly captured movement, wonder, and vibrancy in them, though, as well as a sublime beauty. Intimacy, the second portfolio, features color photographs of a wide variety of flowers in a sensuous, almost ethereal, manner. These two series together encourage viewers to study the unique shapes, textures, and marks of individual flowers and, in so doing, to celebrate biodiversity and the life cycle of plants. Tenneson is a Maine-based photographer whose work has been exhibited, published, and recognized internationally.

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Jay Bolotin: The Jackleg Testament

(February 22 – March 22, 2007)

Jay Bolotin’s The Jackleg Testament represents the raw material generated by the artist to create what is undoubtedly the first woodcut motion picture in the history of filmmaking. The film, which made its debut in May 2005 at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, is the latest work by this prolific writer, composer, performer, stage and set designer, choreographer, visual artist and now filmmaker.

The artist has crafted a spectacular woodcut motion picture using his woodcut prints as source material. He created a catalog of parts and pieces of characters, clothing, architecture, landscapes and props, and then drew from this visual library to set his work in motion. Along with the completed film, Bolotin will exhibit two portfolios of woodcuts that inspired The Jackleg Testament, as well as the prints that he used to create the images in the film.

Bolotin’s work is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Cincinnati, Cleveland and Seattle Art Museums; the Australian National Museum in Canberra; and the New York Public Library. The Fine Arts Gallery presentation is being held to commemorate the acquisition of this portfolio, a gift made possible by Lifeworks Foundation, Nashville.

In association with this exhibition, there will be a collaborative programming effort with the Sarratt Gallery and Cinema, which will screen Bolotin’s film February 22. For more information about events at Sarratt, see the Sarratt Gallery website.

Click here to listen to a discussion with the artist about the work in this exhibition.