Reflections of War Selections from the Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery Collection Gallery 1

Watanabe Nobukazu
Japanese, 1874-1944
Scene of Japanese Landing from a triptych of the Sino-Japanese War (detail), 1894
Color woodblock print
Gift of Mrs. Nancibel Williams Rogers

(March 14–May 13, 2011)

Presented in recognition of America’s longest war as we enter the tenth year of fighting in Afghanistan, Reflections of War will examine war, conflict, warriors, and soldiers through more than forty works of art from Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery’s collection. Over 1,500 years of art production will be on view created by American, European, Pre-Columbian, Asian, and Oceanic cultures, culminating in a selection of powerful contemporary prints created by the British artist Sue Coe in response to the horrors of war. Highlights include a vintage monumental rubbing of a stone relief depicting a battle scene from the Wu Family Shrines, Shandon Provence, China; an allegorical engraving of war from 1575 by the French artist Etienne Delaune; a seventeenth-century North African battle scene by Jacques Courtois; a suite of prints by the nineteenth-century French satirist Honoré Daumier that critiques France’s role in the Franco-Prussian War (1870–71); four large-format Japanese woodblock prints of battle scenes depicting the Sino-Japanese War (1894),  along with examples of other war-themed prints and illustrated books by a variety of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Japanese artists and illustrators; and a selection of vintage American World War I and World War II propaganda posters.