Of Rage and Redemption: The Art of Oswaldo Guayasamín

Oswaldo Guayasamín (1919-1999)
El grito (The Cry), 1983
Oil on canvas
Triptych, L to R:
51-1/4" x 35-7/16"
41-5/16" x 68-15/16"
52-1/4" x 35-7/16"
Courtesy the Fundación Guayasamín, Quito, Ecuador

(February 7 – March 20, 2008)

This landmark exhibition presents the work of the renowned Ecuadorian painter and graphic artist Oswaldo Guayasamín (1919-1999). The first exhibit of its kind in the United States in over 50 years, the show covers each of Guayasamín’s major periods, beginning with early paintings that reflect the plight of the indigenous peoples of the Andes to his more mature work that addresses human suffering in the context of war and injustice.

Guayasamín’s work evokes strong emotional responses, dealing with the horrors of war, the injustices of inequality and discrimination, and the rights of women, children, and indigenous peoples. The winner of biennials in Barcelona and São Paulo, recipient of France’s Legion of Honor, and recognized by UNESCO with its José Martí Prize, Guayasamín’s work reflects his lifelong commitment to peace and social justice. The works chosen for this exhibition speak to issues of war and peace, social conflict, and human compassion, reflecting not only the artist’s Latin American roots but also speaking to problems that the world faces today.

With the full cooperation of the Fundación Guayasamín, Quito, Ecuador [link to foundation’s website, http://www.guayasamin.com/pages/index.html], the largest depository of the artist’s work in the Americas, the Center for Latin American and Iberian Studies at Vanderbilt University [make link to center’s website, http://sitemason.vanderbilt.edu/clais] and the Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery will make this exhibition available for tour to select additional venues beginning in April 2008 and continuing through May 2009.

Organized by the Center for Latin American and Iberian Studies at Vanderbilt University and the Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery; curated by Joseph Mella, Director, Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery.

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National Tour Itinerary

• Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery and the Sarratt Gallery a Vanderbilt, Nashville, Tennessee (February 7-March 20, 2008)
• Art Museum of the Americas, Organization of American States, in cooperation with Georgetown University, Washington, DC (April 3-May 29, 2008)
• Museo Alameda, San Antonio, Texas (June 19-August 14, 2008)
• University Galleries, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida (September 19-November 1, 2008)
• Samek Art Gallery, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania (January 23-March 27, 2009)
• Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, California (April 12-August 16, 2009)