The Sensuous Line: Etchings by Gerald Brockhurst

Gerald Brockhurst (1890-1978)
Xénia, 1923
Etching on laid paper
7-7/8” x 5-15/16”
Gift of Thomas B. Brumbaugh, professor of fine arts, emeritus, in memory of Scott Wolf, class of 1974

(August 28–October 11, 2003)

The Sensuous Line is presented to mark an important gift of etchings by this early 20th-century English artist made by Thomas B. Brumbaugh, professor of fine art, emeritus, Vanderbilt University. The exhibition will feature nearly thirty etchings, as well as one drawing, by this chronicler of the fashionably rich and stylish of twenties and thirties America and Great Britain. While the subject matter of many of these works is noteworthy, the virtuosity of Brockhurst’s etchings is remarkable in and of itself, and a delight for the eye to behold.