Disturbing Allegories: Graphics by Kara Walker

Kara Walker (b. 1969)
Installation view from Emancipation Approximation, 2000
Carnegie International, 1999/2000
Courtesy Brent Sikima, New York

February 8-March 2, 2002

The first in a series of one-person exhibitions focusing on significant contemporary American women artists, Disturbing Allegories features a new suite of large-scale prints by Kara Walker. An African American artist, Walker is known for using the black-paper silhouette to caricature the lives of slaves and masters in the ante-bellum American South, often with disturbing and racially challenging results. This exhibition will feature her newly published suite of prints entitled The Emancipation Approximation, and is based on her installation at the Carnegie International 1999/2000, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This exhibition is being held to coincide with Black History Month.