Japanese Pottery: Work In Traditional Styles By Modern Potters

Ono Hakushi (b. 1925)
Flower vase with a golden yellow glaze and a glazed underside
12-5/8” x 13-7/16” x 13-7/16”
Courtesy The Japan Foundation

November 8-December 6, 2001

Organized and sponsored by The Japan Foundation, this exhibition traces the development of modern Japanese ceramic art through 65 works by 55 artists, including the late Kawai Kanjiro and Hamada Shoji, who introduced Japanese ceramics and the folk art traditions of Japan to the world, as well as a number of artists who convey more contemporary tendencies in Japanese ceramics. The exhibition enables viewers to gain a sense of the differences in style that arise from the artists’ individual creative impulses, which at the same time all trace their roots to traditional forms of expression.