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VSGIcon Collaboration

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration launched a partnership with Vanderbilt Student Government to gather feedback and engage student voices in the land use planning process. The Vanderbilt Student Government Land Use Task Force was created after Ariana Fowler, Student Body President, and Taylor Gutierrez, Executive Vice President, met with Vice Chancellor Kopstain in September 2016. The project was spearheaded by Gutierrez, who gathered feedback through drop-in hours, group meetings and focus groups. Gutierrez presented his preliminary findings to Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects as a part of this process. The collaboration culminated in the creation of the VSG FutureVU Proposal, endorsed by the student government on April 19, 2017, with over 45 recommendations for the university to consider, many of which are integrated into the FutureVU Land Use Plan.

VSG has continued to serve as a source of student representation on various matters related to FutureVU. VSG’s representatives have been pivotal in ensuring student’s voices are heard. Members from different areas of VSG - Cabinet, Senate, and Committees - are actively addressing issues and themes presented in FutureVU via participation in several working groups. Currently, students from all branches of student government are present in the following working groups:


Academic Year 2018-2019 Committees

BlueSky Vision Energy Strategy

  • VSG representatives include: Lanier Langdale (VSG vice president AY18/19) and Simon Silverberg. Group includes additional student representatives outside of VSG.


Dockless Educational Outreach Group

  • VSG representatives include: Lanier Langdale (VSG vice president AY18/19) and Graham Ellis (chair of student services committee AY18/19). Group includes additional student representatives outside of VSG.


Academic Year 2017-2018 Committees

Rideshare Working Group

  • Exploring the possibilities of partnering with shared mobility companies such as Lyft, Uber, Zipcar, etc. VSG representatives include: Jami Cox (VSG president AY17/18), Christine Lim (chair of campus life committee AY17/18), Mackenzie Sundin and Jonathan Segal.  Group included additional student representatives outside of VSG.


Pop-Up Project Working Group

  • VSG representatives include: Simon Silverberg (chair of residential and environmental affairs committee AY17/18) and Patrick Timmins. Group included additional student representatives outside of VSG.


Advisory Accessibility Task Force

  • VSG representatives include: Briana Watkins (chair of community building, outreach and diversity committee AY17/18) and Lanier Langdale. Group included additional student representatives outside of VSG.


Large-Scale Renewable Energy Advisory Committee

  • VSG representatives include: Ryan Connor (VSG vice president AY17/18). Group included additional student representatives outside of VSG.


In addition, regular meetings with VSG Cabinet and Senate will provide updates on FutureVU and will seek opportunities for further collaboration.