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FutureVU Advisory

Faculty Advisory Committee was established during the initial FutureVU land-use planning process in 2016, and close collaborations were formed with undergraduate and graduate student advisory groups as well as staff advisory groups. Topics discussed through the various advisory mechanisms included land-use planning and principles, real estate strategy, transportation and parking, greenway and landscape concepts, addressing diversity and inclusion through allocation of space, the Residential College experience and graduate and professional student housing. The initial Faculty Advisory Committee was decommissioned in May 2017 towards the end of the initial land-use planning process, though collaborations with faculty, staff and students have continued to be a cornerstone of the ongoing FutureVU implementation process.

Interim Chancellor and Provost Susan R. Wente and Vice Chancellor for Administration Eric Kopstain have appointed a new advisory committee comprising faculty, staff and students from across the university to provide feedback on current FutureVU plans, concepts and options.


Advisory Committee

The committee is being established to engage faculty, staff and students on a variety of land-use topics currently being considered on campus. The topics range from the integration and implementation of a variety of recent planning studies, including those for the Central Neighborhood, sciences and engineering, humanities and the historic core, the Peabody College campus and graduate and professional student housing, to discussions about campus accessibility, sustainability and transportation and mobility. The advisory committee, made up of faculty, staff and student representatives, will be tasked with providing input and feedback various FutureVU topics, and for soliciting input from others as needed. The committee will meet occasionally over the course of the 2019-20 academic year.


  • James Byrd, associate professor of American religious history
  • Barbara Fingleton, associate professor of pharmacology and associate professor of surgery
  • Ben Harris, senior lecturer in vocal music and Faculty Senate representative
  • Mumin Kurtulus, associate professor of operations management
  • Vesna Pavlović, associate professor of art
  • Erin Rodgers, assistant professor of nursing
  • Sean Seymore, New York Alumni Chancellor’s Chair in Law
  • Claire Smrekar, associate professor of leadership, policy and organizations
  • Lori Troxel, professor of the practice of civil and environmental engineering
  • Margaret Emley, director, Real Estate Operations
  • Caroline Johnston, director, Alumni Relations
  • Jeff Loudon, principal relationship manager, Information Technology, and president of the University Staff Advisory Council
  • Mark Petty, associate vice chancellor, Plant Operations
  • Leigh Shoup, chief of staff, Division of Administration
  • Riya Jindl, undergraduate student and Vanderbilt Student Government representative
  • Diya Mathur, undergraduate student and Vanderbilt Student Government representative
  • Payam Fathi, graduate student
  • Sarah Miele, graduate student.