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Piedmont Natural Gas

May 13

  • Piedmont Natural Gas Foundation is offering up to $100,000 in appliance/water heater replacement grants for low-income households utilizing our Share The Warmth program with the Metropolitan Action Commission.
  • PNG Foundation is offering 0 percent financing for 1 year to customers with approved credit so that they may spread the burden of replacing equipment.
  • PNG Foundation will also be making donations to local relief agencies.

May 6: Piedmont Natural Gas Safety Bulletin

What Tennessee customers affected by the flood need to know

If water has entered your home or come in contact with natural gas appliances:

  • Call Piedmont Natural Gas at 800-752-7504 so they can inspect your meter and your natural gas appliances for possible flood damage.
  • Do not attempt to disconnect your gas service or work on or around your gas meter.
  • Do not attempt to relight any of your gas appliances.
  • Do not attempt to clear flood debris from your gas meter or from any other gas appliance, including your water heater.

If your gas appliances have been damaged or submerged by flood waters:

  • Do not attempt to make repairs yourself or use unauthorized, unlicensed individuals to work on your natural gas appliances.
  • It is imperative that residents choose a licensed contractor who follows all safety and manufacturer guidelines.
  • Unauthorized repairs can be unsafe and may void your warranty. Call your appliance manufacturer if you are unsure about work being performed.
  • Some gas appliances damaged by water may need to be replaced.
  • You can choose to work with Piedmont Natural Gas or other local approved Gas Advantage Dealers to repair or replace damaged appliances.
  • Customers can view technical information on water heaters on Piedmont’s website.

If your home was not damaged by flooding, but your natural gas service was interrupted, call Piedmont Natural Gas at 800-752-7504 to schedule an appointment.

Financial Assistance for Customers of Piedmont Natural Gas
Piedmont Natural Gas announced several measures May 6 to provide its Tennessee customers affected by this weekend’s flooding with some immediate financial assistance. These temporary measures will remain in effect for the next two months.
Piedmont Natural Gas customers who may need assistance or who have questions about how to take advantage of this information should call (800) 752-7504 to speak with a customer service representative.

No Disconnects for Non Payment

  • Piedmont will not disconnect any customer for non payment of their natural gas bill

No Late Payment Charges

  • Piedmont will not apply late payment penalties to customers for delayed payments

No Charges for Insufficient Funds

  • Piedmont will waive the handling fees for customers whose payment by Automatic Bank Draft is returned for “insufficient funds”

Equal Payment Plan (EPP)

  • Piedmont will not remove any customer participating in the Equal Payment Plan for “insufficient funds”
  • EPP allows customers to spread their payments over a full 12 months, reducing the amount due each month)

Expanded Payment Arrangements

  • In addition to existing payment arrangements, customers with no more than three late payments during the last year will be accepted for the Equal Payment Plan (EPP)
  • To request this service, customers will need to call Piedmont Natural Gas at (800) 752-7504.
  • Customers having difficulty paying their bill should call Piedmont Natural Gas to discuss available options

Reconnection Charges

  • For customers displaced by the flood and moving to temporary housing where natural gas service exists, Piedmont will connect the meter at no charge to the customer
  • Customer will be responsible for the monthly natural gas bill at the temporary location
  • When customers displaced by the flooding return to their homes or businesses, Piedmont will reconnect the meter at no charge to the customer
  • For customers who have not been displaced, but whose natural gas service was disrupted due to flooding, Piedmont will reconnect the meter at no charge