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Your Financial Aid

Welcome to your financial aid page. We hope that this real-time access to your financial aid information will provide an enhanced level of service and information delivery.

A VUNETID and Epassword are required to access the web-based financial aid student self-service system.  Please keep in mind that VUNETIDs and Epasswords are not issued until a student has been officially accepted to Vanderbilt and paid their matriculation fee deposit.


The sign-in panel entitled 'Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise' will appear. This is the Vanderbilt/PeopleSoft Financial Aid sign-in panel. Enter your VUNETID and Epassword and click Sign In.

The link 'Self Service' will appear under the Menu and Search block on the left side of the next panel. Click on the 'Self Service' link.

You will see two menu options.

  • The first, 'Campus Finances - View Financial Aid' will allow access to view any financial aid award offer.
  • The second, 'Campus Personal Information - To Do List' will allow access to view any documents you are missing to complete your financial aid file. Any missing documents should be completed as soon as possible. Delays in your submitting required documents could slow the processing of your financial aid and result in assessing of late fees to your student account.

If there are no items listed under 'Campus Personal Information - To Do List', there are no items left to complete at this time.

If you have declined your Federal Work Study award, please note that the award may still appear as an accepted award on your financial aid package as many students choose to pursue employment later in the year.

We will either reduce or cancel your Federal Work Study award if it is more advantageous to you, for instance if you receive additional financial aid.

Questions or problems?

If you have questions about information you view or if you encounter problems using the web system, please contact our office at (615) 322-3591 or submit an email to us at: