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Housing and Move-in FAQ

Can my student move in early?
Prior to move-in, we are busy getting the houses ready for your student’s arrival. As a result, we cannot consider requests to move in early. Please contact the Office of Housing Assignments at (615) 322-2591 or with any questions.

What is the size of my student’s room?
The Commons Houses comprise a wide variety of different room types. Room dimensions vary from house to house and also within houses. For this reason, we are unable to provide measurements for specific rooms.

What furniture is provided by the university?
Vanderbilt provides a twin-size bed, a desk, a desk chair, two chests and a closet. Each room contains overhead lighting, blinds, a full-length mirror, a trash can, a recycle bin, an Ethernet port and campus Wi-Fi.

Can my student remove university furniture from the room?
No, university furniture cannot be removed from the room.

Can my student bring additional furniture for his or her room?
We do not recommend bringing additional furniture until you survey the room.

What items are prohibited?
Please see the Student Handbook for a complete list of prohibited items. For quick reference, anything with open flames or exposed heating coils is prohibited. This includes candles, toasters and George Foreman Grills.

How often are community bathrooms serviced by housekeeping?
Community bathrooms are serviced daily by housekeeping staff. Private bathrooms are serviced once weekly.

Where can students do laundry?
Laundry rooms are in each of the first-year houses with the exception of North, East and Memorial. Students residing in North, East and Memorial are given access to a neighboring house that has laundry facilities. Washers and dryers each cost $1.25 per load. Dry cleaning and bundled laundry service are also available on campus. Information about the service is available at Van Laundry.

Who can access the houses and floors?
All houses are secured with a card access system for exterior doors, interior stairwells and elevators. Students have card access only to the houses to which they are assigned and where they have laundry privileges. From midnight until 8 a.m., students can access only their floors and other floors of the same sex in their house.

Is storage provided in the houses?
Limited storage is provided for up to two (2) items on a first-come, first-served basis. Suitcases and plastic/metal storage containers may be stored. Storage will open around the first day of classes, and will only be open a few days before and a few days after Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break and Spring Break.