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Packing List

Suggestions on items to bring to campus:

  • alarm clock
  • telephone handset
  • cell phone chargers
  • toiletries, shower caddy, towels, personal items
  • laundry items: basket, detergent, spare change, iron, ironing board
  • extension cord/surge protector (with minimum ratings of 15 amps and 1800 watts)
  • white board/message board
  • small study lamp
  • headphones for stereos
  • bed linens, pillows, blankets, mattress cover
    (Please note: standard twin sheets are what we suggest to bring for 78″ mattresses)
  • first Aid kit
  • small sewing kit
  • putty or removal adhesive to mount posters
  • multi-outlet strips with surge protection (with minimum ratings of 115 amps and 1800 watts)
  • cleaning products
  • dishes for snacking

You may also want to bring:

  • small microwave (800-watt with interior capacity of no more than 1 cubic foot)
  • refrigerator (less than 6 years old and with no more than 4.0 cubic feet capacity)
  • television
  • TV stand (no mounting permitted)
  • tension rod and curtains to hang at windows and closet openings
  • bookshelves (free standing)
  • bicycle and U-lock
  • desktop or laptop computer
    (Note: Don’t forget to register your bike and laptop with the Vanderbilt Police Department )

Do not bring:

  • halogen lamps
  • wireless routers
  • powerful stereo systems
  • mattresses (the university-issued mattress and box spring may not be removed).
  • furniture (university furniture may not be removed).
  • cooking utensils with exposed heating elements (hot plates, toaster ovens, portable grill, etc.)
  • pets (except fish)
  • firearms/fireworks
  • concrete blocks
  • dartboards
  • lofts/waterbeds
  • mounted shelves or  TV brackets
  • over-the-door hangers