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What to Expect from Vanderbilt

Please note that any email communication listed below will be sent to your student’s Vanderbilt email account, including bills.

To students

Early April

  • Open ‘Dores publication including information on Vanderbilt & You events (mail)


  • The Road to Vanderbilt (mail, to domestic addresses only—students and families with international addresses should refer to the online version The Road to Vanderbilt 2017. Inside The Road to Vanderbilt is a checklist of tasks that need to be completed before students arrive on campus. You will also find information on campus services and resources.
  • Materials and instructions for class registration (mail or email)


  • Health insurance information (email)
  • Postcard about meal plan (mail, domestic only)
  • Information from the bookstore about ordering textbooks and course materials (email)


  • AlcoholEdu letter (mail)
  • Be Smart-Be Safe information (email)
  • Directory of Dining Services (mail, domestic only)


  • Notification of housing and room assignment, roommate information, mail box number and Vanderbilt address, shipping instructions, move-in time and instructions from the Housing Office (mail)
  • Letter from VUceptors (mail or email)

To parents


  • Parent Calendar/Handbook (mail)


  • Welcome letter from Parents and Family Association Advisory Board chairs (mail)
  • Family Weekend brochure (mail)