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For the Class of 2020, Saturday, August 20, is Move-in Day, one of Vanderbilt's great traditions.

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News from Vanderbilt Parents and Family Programs

July 2016

Dear Parents and Families,

For the Class of 2020, Saturday, August 20, is Move-in Day, one of Vanderbilt's great traditions. The Move Crew—about 1,000 upperclass student volunteers—welcome first-year students by moving their new classmates into their houses. The Move Crew is part of a team comprising resident advisers, faculty and staff who will keep you and your student in good, helping hands. To start your student's Vanderbilt journey on the right foot, Move-in Day is highly structured and choreographed. In just 5 hours we will move in nearly 1,600 first-year students and their belongings.

Students will receive their room assignments in early August. The assignment letter packet includes instructions and materials for moving in, suggestions on how to pack, when and where to ship packages, and maps for Move-in Day and Vanderbilt-area stores of interest. Also included in the packet is your assigned move-in time, which will be between 7 a.m. and noon Saturday, August 20. That morning, every half-hour, approximately 200 students and their families will arrive on campus to move in. Vehicles will be directed by house to staging areas where students will pick up their room keys. From the staging areas, vehicles will be led to their respective Houses. There the Move Crew will help unload vehicles and move your student's belongings directly to their rooms.

Please join me for Vanderbilt Parents Webinar: First-Year Move In on Wednesday, July 20, at 4 p.m. CT. Register at

On behalf of everyone who works on Move-in Day, we look forward to meeting you August 20.

Jim Kramka
Senior Director of Housing Operations

Upcoming dates and deadlines

July 15
Deadline to select Commodore Cash funds for Commodore Card

July 20 at 4 p.m. CT
Vanderbilt Parents Webinar: First-Year Move In
Register Now »

Late July–August 15
Be Smart-Be Safe mandatory online modules available

July 19
Deadline to request Vanderbilt Visions group change for specific non-academic reasons

July 20–August 31
Open enrollment/student change period

August 1
Deadline to waive student health insurance

August 1
Deadline to submit the student account agreement form

August 11
Packages may begin being shipped to campus for Move-in Day

August 17
Deadline for payment of fall tuition, fees and other charges

August 20–21
Move-in Weekend

Vanderbilt Move-in Weekend

Guidebook mobile app
The Office of Housing and Residential Education and the Office of the Dean of The Ingram Commons are excited to bring you everything you need to know about first-year move-in and CommonVU orientation via the Guidebook application.

You can download the app through the app store that corresponds with your device. Once you have the app downloaded, you will need to download the Vanderbilt University First-Year Move-In 2016 guide. We will update different aspects of the guide weekly, so be sure to check it regularly this summer.

If you have issues with downloading the Guidebook app or the guide, please contact Christina Bailey at (615) 343-9628.


Shipping items to campus for Move-in Day
Packages sent to campus for Move-in Day must be shipped via UPS Ground or FedEx Ground. Please do not ship any packages—for Move-in Day or otherwise—before August 11. When shipping, pack all items securely and add extra protection for fragile items. Use filler for empty space in boxes to avoid breakage. Please use shipping boxes that your student can carry or handle easily.

We recommend insuring packages for the value of the contents. UPS and FedEx Ground can insure each package for up to $100 and provide a free tracking number. Please bring the tracking number for each package to the pickup area for confirmation of delivery.

Use the address format below—do not address packages to a residence hall. Be sure the student's full given name and campus address are marked clearly on all packages. If shipping more than one package at the same time, please number them (e.g., 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3).

Addressing format:
Student Name
2301 Vanderbilt Place
Nashville, TN 37235-XXXX

(XXXX = your student's assigned four-digit PMB number, which will be included in the Housing Assignment Packet)
*Students keep the same PMB number for the entirety of their time at Vanderbilt.

Student Accounts

Student Account Agreement—Due August 1
A financial agreement form is required to allow Commodore Cash additions to be charged to your student's Vanderbilt student account. This form is also required for parents and guardians who wish to discuss your student's financial account with the university.

Student Account e-Billing
Vanderbilt student account statements are sent electronically to the student's Vanderbilt email account. Students are responsible for granting access to parents, guardians or other payers.

For Students: Granting Access to e-Bills to Parents or Guardians

1.    Go to your YES landing page and log in.

2.    Select the link that reads "Billing Portal" located in the options below your picture.

3.    If applicable, accept the Terms & Conditions, then click "Next."

4.    At the top of the screen, select "Your Account."

5.    Select "Invite Other Payer." Under Other Payer, select "Add New."

6.    Assign a nickname for this payer (e.g. Mom/Dad) and enter their email address and contact information.

7.    Fill in the form and click "OK."

8.    Steps 6 and 7 can be repeated to add additional individuals.

Once you have done this, the person(s) you invited will receive an email with an Activation ID number and the link to enroll. You will need to give that person your Commodore ID number, which you can find on your YES landing page.
Note: The Commodore ID is NOT the same as your VUnetID or e-password.

For more information, visit


Campus Dining FAQ

Is my student required to have a meal plan?
Yes. All first-year students are automatically enrolled in the First-Year Meal Plan.

Where can my student eat on campus?
There are many dining facilities across campus. The state-of-the-art dining facility at The Commons Center includes a salad bar with sizzle station, Chef's Table, specialty pizza oven, deli, wok, grill and vegan/vegetarian food.

What if my student has a special dietary restriction?
We are committed to serving all of our students and assisting them in managing their dietary needs.

Please visit the Campus Dining website for more information.


Barnes & Noble Bookstore at Vanderbilt

Course Materials
When your student registers for his or her classes on YES, they will be able to see a list of required texts. Whether they choose to rent their books or to purchase new, used or digital books (e-books) through the Barnes & Noble at Vanderbilt bookstore, they are guaranteed to get the correct textbooks and course materials. If they drop a course, they may return their textbook for a full refund during the drop/add period at the beginning of the semester.

Online Shopping and Pickup during Move-in
To pre-order course materials, school and room supplies, or computer products, visit or call (800) 288-2665. The order will be available for pickup on The Ingram Commons on Move-in Day.


Commodore Connection - Summer Send-Off Party

A Vanderbilt Tradition

Since 1968, incoming first-year students have been treated to Summer Send-Off Parties. These festive gatherings are sponsored by the Vanderbilt Alumni Association to bring alumni, current students, and incoming students and their families together in a casual setting in their hometowns to celebrate the university's newest arrivals and send them off to Vanderbilt in style.

Vanderbilt will host Summer Send-Off Parties in cities across the country this summer. Please visit our Summer Send-Off Party webpage to find the party closest to you. Please be sure to check back frequently for updates as details for some parties will be finalized later in the summer and more parties will be added to the schedule.



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