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Career Center

The Career Center provides ongoing opportunities for students to learn about and explore professional opportunities, including career coaching, workshops, career panels, career fairs, graduate school advising, field trips, and more. Please visit us anytime during your time at Vanderbilt and take advantage of all we have to offer!

Here are some key steps to helping your student get started on the right path:

  • Encourage engagement with the Career Center as soon as possible! Internship and job recruitment starts earlier than you think. Some industries are on an accelerated timeline. For example, in finance, one should begin their search during the sophomore year (for an internship during the summer before senior year). We recommend connecting with Career Coaches during a student’s first year on campus. First-Year Career Coaches have space at The Ingram Commons for weekly drop-in hours. Locations and hours for drop-ins can be found on the Center’s website.
  • Encourage your student to completely fill out their profiles on Handshake (the Career Center’s online resource where they can learn about and connect to professional opportunities on and off-campus). Handshake is the largest career community for college students. Employers are recruiting students on Handshake.
    • Receive job and internship recommendations based on interests
    • Connect with employers in every industry
    • Get an inside look at internships from other students
    • Check into campus events and career fairs from your phone
    • Learn from students and alumni who landed jobs you want
Picture Your Career

Packed with dozens of interactive exercises from Dr. Kate Brooks & Grace Foy of Vanderbilt University’s Career Center, this guidebook will help you:

  • Develop your vision and discover possible career trajectories
  • Discover your talents and understand how they help you in the workplace
  • Get organized and set goals for your future
  • Complete inner work such as managing emotions and anxiety
  • Explore possibilities in your career field
  • Conduct a job search with practical tips on networking, interviewing, and resumes


Career Coaches

When it comes to your student’s future, our career coaches are here to help. We help students gain clarity about their future.

We understand the process can be overwhelming which is why we would like to meet with all students virtually this fall.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Students start by scheduling an appointment through Handshake.
  2. Together, we will design an action plan to help them reach their goals.
  3. Throughout the semester, we will meet and watch their future begin to take shape!

We want to help all students eliminate the risk of missing opportunities and start discovering what’s possible!

Vandy In Communities

Encourage your student to join a Vandy In Communities!

One path to career success is finding your community.  But it can be frustrating and hard to know where to start.  We want all students to have easy access to industry professionals, alumni, coaching, and more.  For this reason, our career coaches and employer specialists created eight career communities that any VU student can join: Arts & Media, Business & Entrepreneurship, Consulting, Education, Finance, Health, Public Sector, and Engineering & Tech.


  1. Complete their Handshake profile. We communicate with the groups via email & students will be included once their industry preferences are selected. Go to My Profile > Career & Academic > Career Interests.
  2. Read our emails and follow us on Instagram to stay up-to-date.
  3. Schedule an appointment with a coach to create a personal action plan.
How you can help

If you are interested in connecting your company with the Career Center to provide internships and job opportunities, please email


Of particular interest and need are internships and job opportunities in the following industries:

Advertising, Public Relations



Social & Human Services

Healthcare Products

Biotech / Pharmaceutical

Publishing / Journalism

Real Estate

For a listing of industries and job functions from the Career Center click here.