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Office of Student Accounts

(615) 322-6693 or (800) 288-1144

Student Account Agreement

All Vanderbilt University students are required to acknowledge the terms and conditions of an online Student Account Agreement form when logging into the YES portal. The acceptance of these terms and conditions is mandatory, and it will be required on an annual basis. Failure to agree to these terms will prevent access to the YES landing page. Once the terms have been accepted, a copy of the most recently accepted form will be available for viewing and printing within the YES portal. Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

Guarantor Authorization And Debt Repayment Agreement

A Guarantor Authorization and Debt Repayment Agreement allows Vanderbilt University to release pertinent financial information to the guarantor(s) listed on the form (usually parents). Without proper signatures, no financial information can be disclosed to anyone other than the student. You will receive an email from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions with a link to, allowing them to download and complete the Guarantor Authorization and Debt Repayment Agreement.

Student Account E-Billing

Fall Tuition, Fees, and Other Charges

Vanderbilt student account statement notifications are sent electronically to students’ VU email. Students are responsible for granting parents, guardians, or other payers access to e-billing.

How can I access my student’ bill?

Your student will need to grant you access to view and/or make payments
to their student account. They can do so by following these steps:

  1. Sign into your YES account and select “Billing Portal”.
  2. On the My Account page, click on the “Send a payer invitation” link.
  3. Complete the First Name, Last Name and Email Address fields.
  4. If you do not wish the payer to have access to billing statements, uncheck the “Allow access to statements” box.
  5. Enter a message to be included in the email to the payer if you choose and click the “Send Invitation” button.

The new payer will receive an email with their login information and a temporary password. Once they log in, they will be instructed to create a new password.

Financial Aid FAQ

Is there a payment plan option for my student’s tuition?

Yes. Vanderbilt, through Higher One, offers an interest-free monthly
payment option. The payment plan is available for a small enrollment fee
and includes personal account service, automated account information 24
hours a day and access to your account through their website.
For more information,
please visit 

For more information on Financial Aid, please visit

Do I have to reapply each year?

Yes. For students receiving need-based financial assistance, they must
reapply each year as the student and family financial circumstances can
change. Our experience is that the financial aid awards for most families
remain consistent from year to year. Students receiving only merit-based
assistance typically do not need to reapply.

If our family’s financial circumstances change, can we expect our aid
package to change?
Yes, since we reevaluate need-based aid eligibility each and every year,
the award can change based upon changes in the family’s financial


Paying for college is one of the largest single investments a family will make, and we strongly believe that a Vanderbilt education is well worth the investment. Opportunity Vanderbilt replaces all need-based undergraduate student loans with scholarship and grant assistance. 

Vanderbilt will meet 100% of a family’s demonstrated financial need (as calculated by the FAFSA form and CSS Profile). These financial aid awards do not include loans. Instead of offering need-based loans to undergraduate students, Vanderbilt offers additional grant assistance.