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Housing and Residential Experience


4100 Branscomb Quadrangle

(615) 322-2591,

The Office of Housing and Residential Experience provides safe, secure, comfortable, accessible and healthy housing for all undergraduate students in a four-year campus residency requirement. Our programming and community development initiatives focus on meeting students’ social needs for belonging, friendship, recognition, respect, and dignity. We work to build communities that foster learning, personal development, academic achievement and successful transitions for our residents.

Housing Assignments – Registration for the housing assignment process, and requests to live off-campus, takes place each spring. All undergraduate students currently enrolled at Vanderbilt must register online; access to the website requires a VUnetID and password. The Office of Housing & Residential Experience publishes the Guide to the Housing Assignments Process each year, which is made available to all students.

2020-2021 Guide to the Housing Assignment Process

Campus – Vanderbilt offers a comprehensive plan in 22 locations that include meals in a retail environment, to-go meals in our convenience stores and flexibility through the use of Meal Money, Flex Meals and our unique local restaurant partners in Taste of Nashville.

Meal Plan participation is required for all students residing on-campus. First-year students are automatically enrolled in the First-Year Meal Plan. There is a minimum required meal plan for sophomores and juniors, but students always have the option to select a larger meal plan. Seniors are not required to have a meal plan.  To learn more about the various meal plans, visit  

Students seeking dietary assistance should contact our Campus Dining Registered Dietitian at and SAS (Student Access Services) with supporting medical documentation at It is important that the information is given to be as complete as possible. Students should explain their special needs in detail and explain what is required to meet those needs.

For more information, call SAS at (615) 322–4705.

Mail – All mail and packages—whether sent via the U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, or any other carrier—must be sent to the student’s PMB address (not directly to their residence hall) at 2301 Vanderbilt Place, which is the Vanderbilt University Station B Post Office address.

Address format:

Student name

PMB 35XXXX (X= four-digit PMB number)

2301 Vanderbilt Place

Nashville, TN 37235-XXXX (X= four-digit PMB number)

Picking up mail and packages—First-class mail is sorted and placed in student mailboxes by 10 a.m. daily. Students are sent a package pickup notification email for each package received in their name.