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Senate Task Forces

APS Task Force on Interdisciplinary Collaborations

Norman Tolk, chair
Vivien Casagrande
Larry Dowdy
Ron Emeson
Helmut Smith
David Wood
Jose Medina
Joey Barnett

John Braxton, Peabody, external appointment
Leonard Feldman, A&S, external appointment
Vera Kutzinski, A&S, external appointment
Douglas Perkins, Peabody, external appointment

Task Force Charge:

Background: The purpose of this task force is to ensure that the faculty through the Faculty Senate has a voice in the ongoing debate in various parts of the University on best strategies for organizing and promoting transdisciplinary cooperation in research and teaching. The Vice Chancellors for Academic Affairs and for Health Affairs are in the process of organizing a series of faculty seminars on interdisciplinary issues to take place in the immediate and near future. The VCs’ seminars are to be faculty generated. Concurrently, the Chancellor has announced his intention of sponsoring a series of colloquia on interdisciplinarity, as well. The Faculty Senate has a prime opportunity to contribute to both endeavors by making its views known and by suggesting two or three faculty seminars that dovetail with the above-mentioned initiatives but also, quite possibly, go beyond what has already been envisioned.

Simply put, the Charge to the Task Force is (1) to suggest two or more transdisciplinary initiatives, which will contribute to the dialogue on the enhancement of both research and teaching at Vanderbilt, and (2) make recommendations with regard to how best to structure transdisciplinary research and teaching on the Vanderbilt University Campus.