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FeaSt: Have Lunch with a Vanderbilt Student

The University is revamping the FeaSt program that was first instituted two years ago. The Faculty Senate is partnering with Vanderbilt Student Government (VSG) on the effort. For faculty who are unfamiliar with the program, FeaSt gives undergraduate students the opportunity to take professors out to lunch at Rand or the Commons at no cost to the student or the professor. FeaSt is intended to provide an opportunity for our undergraduate students to build their relationships with faculty and vice-versa. “Many of our students welcome the opportunity to get to know their professors better outside of the classroom,” stated Jackson W. Vaught, VSG Speaker of the Senate. “It allows students to begin to develop those important relationships that might also be beneficial in the future when a student is looking for recommenders for law school, medical school, or graduate school. For faculty, we hope it helps them meet students who are particularly interested in the course content and might be potential research assistants for faculty.”

Students complete a form online on AnchorLink indicating the professor with whom they would like to have lunch. A VSG representative then contacts both the student and the professor with the invitation. If accepted by both parties, the student gets a voucher to take the professor of their choice out to lunch at Rand Dining Hall or the Commons. The lunch is a one-on-one opportunity for the student and professor to get to know each other better at no cost to both parties. “Faculty who are especially excited about the program should feel free to announce it in their classes and express to their students their willingness to utilize the program,” noted William Sullivan, a first year undergraduate student who has worked hard to bring back FeaSt. The program is targeted to undergraduate students and undergraduate teaching faculty, but other connections are possible. “For example, a student interested in medical school might identify a faculty member in the School of Medicine who practices in the student’s intended area of medical study. The possibilities are limitless in terms of the types of student-faculty connections that can be made,” emphasized Julia Gabriel, VSG Chief of Staff. For a flyer announcing the program, click here.