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Standing Committees

Committees of the Faculty Senate 2012/2013

Academic Policies and Services 
To be concerned with new schools, new programs and new degrees. To consider policies regarding academic honors, leaves, grants, promotions, departmental and divisional chairmanships, programs abroad, the academic calendar, career planning and placement, Vanderbilt University Library, Information Services, the bookstore, and the University Press. 

Committee Members:  
Howard Kirshner, Chair, Medicine (2014)
Jeffrey Johnston, A&S (2014) [Executive Committee Liaison]  
Eric Skaar, Medicine (2013)
Daniel Gervais, Law (2013)
Douglas Clark, Peabody (2014) 
Shelagh Mulvaney, Nursing (2014)
Michael Mihalik, A&S (2014)
Agnes Fogo, Medicine (2015)
Mark Does, Engineering (2013)
Ted Fischer, A&S (2013)
Joy Calico, Blair (2013)

Faculty Life
To be concerned with policies relating to wages and salaries, fringe benefits, management of investments, employment of non-academic personnel, faculty intellectual property including copyrights and patents, buildings and grounds, space, campus communications, traffic, parking, food services, and campus security.

Committee Members:  
Christopher Lind, Chair, Medicine (2015)
Lillian Nanney, Medicine (2014)[Executive Committee Liaison]  
Judy Aschner, Medicine (2013) [Executive Committee Liaison]  
Anne Moore, Nursing (2013)
Kevin Niswender, Medicine (2014)
Bruce Morrill, Divinity (2013)
Constantine Tsinakis, A&S (2014)
Laura Wayman, Medicine (2014)
Claire Smrekar, Peabody (2015)
Colin Dayan, A&S (filling in for Vanessa Beasley 2012-13)
Scott Guelcher, Engineering (2015)
Christina Karageorgou, A&S (2013)**out of the country, spring 2013

To be concerned with grievances arising under Part IV, Chapter 2, Section B of the Faculty Manual (those that arise from issues other than reappointment, tenure, and promotion). 

Committee Members:
John Braxton, Chair, Peabody (2013)
Sal March, Owen (2013) [Executive Committee Liaison]
Bruce Hughes, A&S (2013)
Eric Barth, Engineering (2014)
Mark Cannon, Peabody (2014)
Paul Lim, Divinity (2015)
Gregory Huffman, A&S (filling in for Jo-Anne Bachorowski 2012-13)
Margaret Tarpley, Medicine (2015)

Senate Affairs 
Concerned with all matters pertaining to the functioning of the Senate. Responsible for a continuing review of the Rules of the Faculty Senate, recommending new rules when appropriate, and assisting in the interpretation of existing rules. Considers proposed revisions of the Constitution of the Faculty Assembly and Faculty Senate when this duty is assigned by the Senate. 

Committee Members: 
Alex Hurder, Chair, Law (2014)
David Weintraub, A&S [Executive Committee Liaison]
Michelle Southard-Smith, Medicine (2013) 
William Tansey, Medicine (2013)
Al Powers, Medicine (2014)
Bonnie Dow, A&S (filling in for Leah Marcus 2012-13)
Lynn Enterline, A&S (2015)
Rick Watters, Nursing (2015)
Joe Wehby, Peabody (2015)
Jeffrey Blume, Medicine (2015)
Sarah Rohde, Medicine (2015)

Student Life 
To be concerned with policies relating to student matters including residential colleges, rules and discipline, future composition of the student body, fraternities and sororities, intercollegiate athletics and club sports, intramurals, the Honor System, faculty-student relations, religious affairs, and the student health service.

Committee Members:
Steve Hyman, Chair, Medicine (2013)
Donald Brady, Medicine (2014) [Executive Committee Liaison]
William Turner, Peabody (2013) 
Thomas Schwartz, A&S (2013)
Adam Anderson, Engineering (2015)
Celeste Hemingway, Medicine (2015)
Houston Baker, A&S (2015)
Robin Fountain, Blair (2015)
Mark Schoenfield, A&S (2015)
Rolanda Johnson, Nursing (2015)

Strategic Planning and Academic Freedom Task Force
To be concerned with long-term strategic planning and governance issues of the university. To be concerned with policy regarding professional ethics, conscience, and academic freedom under Article II, Section 3e of the Senate Constitution.

Committee Members:
Ranga Ramanujam, Chair, Owen (2014)
David Weintraub, A&S [Executive Committee Liaison]
Jeremy Atack, A&S (2013)
Danny Winder, Medicine (2013) 
Eric Bond, A&S (2014)
Joe Gigante, Medicine (2014)
Andy Gokhale, Engineering (2014) 
Joel Tellinghuisen, A&S (2014)
Joel Harrington, A&S (2015)

Student Alcohol and Prescription Drug UseTask Force
To make recommendations regarding the most strategic approach to create a culture of safety with regards to alcohol and drug consumption among students.

Charge to task force

Mary Yarbrough, Chair, Assistant Professor of Medicine,  Executive Director of Faculty/Staff Health & Wellness Program
Gregory Barz, Professor of Ethnomusicology  (ex officio) [Executive Committee Liaison]
Clayton Arrington, Senior Director, Campus Student Events
Brian Christman, Professor of Medicine, Vice-Chair of Department of Medicine, and Chief of Medical Services, Veterans Administration Tennessee Valley Health System 
Katherine Drotos, Program Coordinator, Office of Wellness Programs & Alcohol Education
Andrew J. Finch, Assistant Professor of the Practice, Human and Organizational Development
Catherine Fuchs, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Department of Psychiatry 

Dorothy H. Gager, Student Health Services 
Louise Hanson, Medical Director, Student Health Center
Maryclaire Manard, Senior, Vanderbilt Student Government President
Jeanette J. Norden, Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology 
Julia Peredo, Vanderbilt Student Government Secretary
Paul Ragan, Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Scott Rodgers, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, and Associate Dean for Medical Student Affairs
Thomas Schwartz, Faculty Senator, A&S (2013)  
Tina L. Smith, Assistant Dean, Student Health and Wellness
August Washington, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief of Police

Danny Winder, Faculty Senator, School of Medicine (2013)