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Committees of the Faculty Senate 2006/2007

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Academic Policies and Services 
To be concerned with new schools, new programs, and new degrees. To consider policies regarding academic honors, leaves, grants, promotions, departmental and divisional chairmanships, programs abroad, the academic calendar, career planning and placement, Vanderbilt University Library, Information Services, the bookstore, and the University Press. To examine university strategic plans and initiatives.

Committee Members :  
Ann Neely, Chair,  Peabody  (2008)
Norman Tolk,  A&S  (2007) [Executive Committee Liaison]
Karen Campbell,  A&S  (2007)

Andy Porter,  Peabody  (2007)
Yu Shyr,  Medicine  (2007)
Terry Lybrand,  A&S   (replacement for David Ernst, 2006-2007)
Tracey George,  Law  (2008)
Peter Rousseau,  A&S  (replacement for Ronnie Steinberg, 2006-2007)
Peter Wright, Medicine (2009)
Michael McLendon, Peabody  (2009)

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Faculty Life 
To be concerned with policies relating to wages and salaries, fringe benefits, management of investments, employment of non-academic personnel, faculty intellectual property including copyrights and patents, buildings and grounds, space, campus communications, traffic, parking, food services, and campus security.

Committee Members:  
Kane Jennings, Chair,  Engineering  (2008) 
Ron Emeson,  Medicine  (2008) [Executive Committee Liaison]
Joey Barnett,  Medicine  (2007)
James Foster,  A&S 
Stan Link,  Blair  (2007)
Doug Schmidt,  Engineering  (2007)
Colin Dayan,  A&S   (replacement for Jose Medina, spring 2007)
Jeanette Norden,  Medicine  (2009)
Rich Breyer,  Medicine  (2008)
Bonnie Slovis,  Medicine  (2009)
Robert Weller,  Engineering  (2009)
Tracy Sharpley-Whiting,  A&S  (2009)

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Professional Ethics and Academic Freedom 
Concerned with policy regarding professional ethics, academic freedom, and conscience, under Article II, Section 3e of the Senate Constitution. Serves as a University committee on appeals as required in the Principles and Rules for Appointment and Tenure. When functioning in this latter capacity, the Committee is not serving as a committee of the Faculty Senate and is therefore not governed by these Rules. 

Committee Members:
A.-J. Levine, Chair,  Divinity  (2007)
Bruce Barry,  Owen  (2008)[Executive Committee Liaison]
Steven Hetcher,  Law  (2007)
Claire Smrekar,  Peabody  (2007)
Howard Kirshner,  Medicine  (2009)
David Wood,  A&S  (2009)
Tina Chen,  A&S  (2009)
Richard Shiavi,  Engineering  (2009)

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Senate Affairs 
Concerned with all matters pertaining to the functioning of the Senate. Responsible for a continuing review of the Rules of the Faculty Senate, recommending new rules when appropriate, and assisting in the interpretation of existing rules. Considers proposed revisions of the Constitution of the Faculty Assembly and Faculty Senate when this duty is assigned by the Senate. 

Committee Members: 
Ray Burk, Chair,  Medicine  (2008)
John McCarthy,  A&S  (ex officio) [Executive Committee Liaison
Cathleen Pettepher,  Medicine  (2007) 
John Ahner,  A&S  (2008)
Martin Sandler,  Medicine  (2008)
Bruce Cooil,  Owen  (2007) 
Paul DeHart
Divinity  (2009)
Anne Moore,  Nursing  (2009)

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Student Life 
To be concerned with policies relating to student matters including residential colleges, rules and discipline, future composition of the student body, fraternities and sororities, intercollegiate athletics and club sports, intramurals, the Honor System, faculty-student relations, religious affairs, and the student health service.

Committee Members:  
Larry Dowdy,  Chair, Engineering  (2006)
Catherine Fuchs,  Medicine  (2007) [Executive Committee Liaison]
Craig Anne Heflinger,  Peabody  (ex officio)[Executive Committee Liaison]
John Lachs,  A&S  (2007)
John Tarpley,  Medicine  (2007)
Clint Carter,  A&S  (2008)
Agnes Fogo,  Medicine  (2008)
Cathy Reisenberg,  Nursing  (2008)
David Wasserstein,  A&S  (2008)
Ginny Shepherd,  Medicine  (2009)
Sharon Shields,  Peabody  (2008)
Jonathan Retzlaff,  Blair  (2009)

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