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Chapter 13: Community and Charitable Contributions

A: Community Contributions

Vanderbilt University is dedicated to participating in the life of the community in meaningful ways. The University makes financial and in-kind contributions to valuable nonprofit programs that benefit the community, such as special programs and events, community and neighborhood projects, and charitable fund-raising dinners and luncheons. Funds used for these contributions come from Vanderbilt’s commercial ventures. The actual dollar amount of the University’s contributions in these cases is small, and the University seeks to use the limited funds available in its community contributions fund to the greatest possible benefit.

Contribution requests should be directed to the Office of Community, Neighborhood, and Government Relations, which oversees the contributions fund. Requests for contributions for health-related programs are referred to the Office the Dean of the School of Medicine or Dean of the School of Nursing, as appropriate.

B: Memorial Donations

At times, University offices will remember the life of a friend or supporter by making a charitable donation in lieu of sending flowers. These donations may not exceed $50.00.