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Alexander Heard Distinguished Professor Award

Call for nominations: November 8, 2023
Submission Deadline: December 18, 2023

The Alexander Heard Distinguished Service Professor Award was created on the occasion of the retirement of Chancellor Heard in 1982. It is endowed with funds contributed by faculty, staff, and others.

The title is conferred upon a full-time faculty member, regardless of rank or school, for distinctive contributions to the understanding of problems of contemporary society. The purpose of the award is to encourage, recognize, and honor faculty members’ contributions to the analysis and solution of contemporary social problems, broadly construed. Contributions may take the form of teaching, writing, basic or applied research, and consultative or other forms of service. The announcement is made at the Spring Faculty Assembly.

The recipient carries for one year the title Alexander Heard Distinguished Service Professor and receives a cash award and an engraved silver tray.

Members of the faculty are invited to submit nominations to the Faculty Senate. The Faculty Senate Consultative Committee reviews the nominations and makes recommendations to the Provost. The final selection is made by the Chancellor in consultation with the Provost.

Nominations will be accepted through InfoReady. Please contact Stacey Andrews ( with any questions related to the award process.

Previous Winners

  • 2023 Bradley Malin (Biomedical Informatics)
  • 2022 Jonathan Gilligan (Earth & Environmental Sciences)
  • 2021 David Owens (Management and Innovation)
  • 2020 William Schaffner (Health Policy)
  • 2019 Lynn Fuchs (Special Education) and Douglas Fuchs (Special Education)
  • 2018 Kevin B. Johnson (Biomedical Informatics)
  • 2017 Eugene LeBoeuf (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
  • 2016 Mitchell Seligson (Political Science)
  • 2015 Bonita A. Pilon (Nursing)
  • 2014 Teresa A. Goddu (English)
  • 2013 Gregory F. Barz (Music)
  • 2012 Sohee Park (Psychology)
  • 2011 Robert F. Barsky (French and Italian)
  • 2010 Nancy J. King (Law)
  • 2009 C. Neal Tate (Political Science)
  • 2008 Dale C. Farran (Teaching and Learning)
  • 2007 Steven D. Hollon (Psychology)
  • 2006 James W. Guthrie (Leadership, Policy, and Organizations)
  • 2005 Kathryn M. Edwards (Pediatrics)
  • 2004 Ellen B. Goldring (Leadership, Policy, and Organizations)
  • 2003 Virginia L. Shepherd (Pathology)
  • 2002 David J. Ernst (Physics and Astronomy)
  • 2001 John J. Siegfried (Economics)
  • 2000 Hugh Davis Graham (History)
  • 1999 Jonathan I. Charney (Law)
  • 1998  Paul K. Conkin (History)
  • 1997 Kenneth A. Dodge (Psychology)
  • 1995 Karl B. Schnelle, Jr. (Chemical Engineering)
  • 1994  Thomas A. Mahoney (Management)
  • 1993 H. Carl Haywood (Psychology)
  • 1992 Richard A. Pride (Political Science)
  • 1991 Liston O. Mills (Divinity)
  • 1990 Frank A. Sloan (Economics)
  • 1989 W. Anderson Spickard, Jr. (Medicine)
  • 1988 Frank L. Parker (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
  • 1987 Walter Harrelson (Divinity)
  • 1986 Alfred Baumeister (Psychology)
  • 1985 Erwin C. Hargrove (Political Science)
  • 1984 David Rabin (Medicine)
  • 1983 David J. Wilson (Chemistry)