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Program Overview

My Vanderbilt Experience is a program that captures the essence of what the unique Vanderbilt student experience has to offer. Managed through Anchor Link, this year-long program provides students a virtual framework for intentional engagement outside the classroom. Participating in My Vanderbilt Experience will allow you to experience the breadth of unique programs that Vanderbilt has to offer, build new relationships, challenge established ways of thinking, and discover your passions. This program is geared towards students who are looking to have a well-rounded college experience or to establish themselves as leaders on campus.

My Vanderbilt Experience offers a menu of events and activities for students to participate in across eight tracks connected to specific learning outcomes. The tracks include:

  • Arts
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Dores After Dark
  • Health & Wellness
  • Leadership & Service
  • School Spirit

Participation is automatically tracked via card-swipe at eligible events and your progress will is automatically displayed through the Paths dashboard of Anchor Link. To complete the program, students need to participate in at least two or three items in each track depending on the track. (Note: Students will only receive credit once for attending an event in a series. They are welcome to attend additional events in that series but they will not count towards completion of that track.)

Students who invest in their Vanderbilt experience through this program will be rewarded for their engagement. Anyone who completes this program will be honored at the annual Vanderbilt Awards for Leadership Excellence (VALE) and become part of the My Vanderbilt Experience Society which offers special privileges such as professional development opportunities, networking events, and leadership opportunities. In addition, they will gain critical skills and experiences that will benefit them when applying for leadership positions, internships, and professional jobs.

Throughout the year, students who complete individual tracks will also be eligible for drawings to receive special experiences and prizes.

To start shaping your My Vanderbilt Experience and view all eligible activities:

  1. Log into Anchor Link (
  2. Check out your Paths dashboard on your homepage and click “My Vanderbilt Experience 2017-2018to view a more detailed breakdown of your progress in each track

Click on the heading for each My Vanderbilt Experience track (ex. Arts) to view the eligible events for each track and to see what you have completed.

*The green progress bars at the top indicate your progress towards the completion of each track and the overall My Vanderbilt Experience program.