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Fall 2021

The Evolution@Vanderbilt Journal Club is held online via Zoom on Wednesdays at 3.10pm. To participate at our Journal Club, please send an email to and we will add you to our e-mailing list. Follow @EvolutionVU on twitter to see post-discussion notes when available.

2021 FallAntonis RokasGould & Lewontin’s 1979 “The Spandrels of San Marco and the Panglossian Paradigm: A Critique of the Adaptationist Programme“
2021 FallAntonis RokasShubin, Tabin, & Carroll's 1997 "Fossils, genes and the evolution of animal limbs"
2021 FallSimon DarrochNewell’s (1967) Revolutions in the History of Life
2021 FallNicole CreanzaGrant et al. (1976) “Darwin’s finches: population variation and natural selection”
2021 FallPaul DurstKing & Jukes 1969 "Non-Darwinian Evolution"
2021 FallLarisa DeSantisDawkins & Krebs' 1979 "Arms races between and within species"
2021 FallAnn TateStearn's 1989 Trade-offs in life-history evolution
2021 FallMegan BehringerOhta's 1973 Slightly deleterious mutant substitutions in evolution
2021 FallAmanda LeaKing & Wilson's 1975 Evolution at two levels in humans and chimpanzees
2021 FallRachel Racicotde Queiroz's 1998 The General Lineage Concept of Species, Species Criteria, and the Process of Speciation
2022 SpringAntonis RokasIntroductions & E.O. Wilson (The Molecular Wars & NYTimes Obituary)
2022 SpringJay ClaytonThomas Huxley - Evolution and Ethics
2022 SpringAntonis Rokas, Larisa DeSantis, Neil Kelley, Tiffiny TungDarwin Day Discussion
2022 SpringJuan Carvajal GarcíaThe role of mutations in evolution - Link Here
2022 SpringEmily HudsonDoes evolutionary theory need a rethink? (LINK)
2022 SpringSimon DarrochOut of the Tropics: Evolutionary Dynamics of the Latitudinal Diversity Gradient
2022 SpringReese MartinOf parasites and men
2022 SpringChristina ChavezMolecular evolution meets the genomics revolution
2022 SpringAudrey ArnerThe apportionment of human diversity
2022 SpringOwen HaleChallenging the trade-off model for the evolution of virulence
2022 SpringThodoris DanisHomage to Santa Rosalia or Why are there so many kinds of animals?
2022 SpringCarl StoneMutation bias reflects natural selection in Arabidopsis thaliana