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Fall 2019

The Evolution@Vanderbilt Seminar Series is held on Wednesdays at 4.10pm (with snacks and drinks starting at 3.45pm) at Buttrick 102 (room to be confirmed).

Fall 2019 Schedule




September 4

Antonis Rokas, Vanderbilt University

Evolutionary Studies at Vanderbilt: What? Why? Who? How?

September 11

Suzana Herculano-Houzel, Vanderbilt University

Whatever Works: A New Framework to Understand Evolution, Humans, and Society

September 18

Ann Tate, Vanderbilt University

Immune System Optimization in a Variable World

September 25

Jason Stein, University of North Carolina

The Evolutionary History of Common Genetic Variants Influencing the Human Cortex

October 2

Paul Andrews, McMaster University

Physician, Know Thy Evolutionary History: How Depression Helps Physicians Learn from their Mistakes and Failures

October 9

Tony Capra, Vanderbilt University

My Ancestor Was a Neanderthal. Should I See a Doctor?

October 16

Michael Kohut, Maine Medical Center Research Institute

What State Policies on Teaching Evolution Do and Do Not Accomplish in Tennessee Classrooms

October 23

Fall Break

No Seminar

October 30

EVOST: Evolution@Vanderbilt Organization for Students and Trainees

Halloween Special

November 6

Nicole Creanza, Vanderbilt University

Learning to Evolve: The Role of Learned Behaviors in Evolution

November 13

Ken Catania, Vanderbilt University

Shock and Awe – The Astonishing Abilities of Electric Eels

November 20

Glenn Branch, Deputy Director, National Center for Science Education

Twists and Turns in Teaching Evolution over the Years

November 27

Thanksgiving Break

No Seminar

December 4

Steven Hollon, Vanderbilt University

Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Have an Enduring Effect or are Antidepressant Medications Iatrogenic?