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Bourdé, Guy. "Sources et méthodes de l'histoire démográpique a Cuba: XVIIIe e XIXe siécles." Annales de Démographie Histoirque. Société de Démographie Historique: Paris: 1972, 385-424.

Preliminary study of sources for the historical demography of 18th and 19th-century Cuba. Primarily concerned with parish registers of which those of El Cano, Jaruco, and Santa María del Rosario were inventoried by the author and students of the University of Havana in 1971. Time series of vital rates can be constructed through aggregative analysis of parish registers, and age, sex, "race" and other demographic characteristics can be gleaned from the 18th-century padrones and the 19th-century censuses as exemplified by the mini-study of the historical demography of Santa María del Rosario between its foundation in 1733 and 1887, which comprise the second half of this article. [M.T. Hamerly].

Gómez Abreu, Nery and Manuel Martínez Casanova. "Contribucíon al estudio de la presencia de las diferentes etnías y culturas africanas en la región central de Cuba: zona de Placetas, 1817-1886." Islas. Vol 85, 1986, 114-120.

Based on data from a study of baptismal books from the Palcetas parish of Villa Clara province covering the period from 1817 (year of the oldest book) to 1886 (year slavery was abolished), authors generate the number, year of baptism, sex, and tribal derivation of African slaves newly introduced to the zone along with some limited discussion. [Handbook of Latin American Studies]. 

Konetzke, Richard. "Documentos para la historia y crítica de los registros parroquiales en las Indias." Revista de Indias. Año 7, No. 25, 1946, 581-586.

A consideration of the criteria used by parish priests in classifying parishioners as Spanish, Indian or castas. Gives text of the royal cedula of Nov. 26, 1814, asking for information, and replies from the archbishops of Cuba, Caracas, and Mexico. [R. D. Hussey].

Nieto y Cortadellas, Rafael. "Documentos sacramentales de algunos cubanos ilustres." Revista de la Biblioteca Nacional. Habana: 2. Serie 4:1, enero-marzo 1953 -- 6:3, julio-sept. 1955.

Birth, marriage, and death certificates, from various parish registers of noted Cubans (entries no. 25-84). The source of each document is indicated. [R.R. Hill].