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Church Histories

Description of Nóvita church archive

Giancarlo Salazar C.

Novita pages On this page, you will find information of church archives of Nóvita; some historical information of the municipality; and pictures from the archives that show the state of conservation.

The municipality of Nóvita has shifted location three times during its history. Franciscan missionaries founded it in the XVI century, probably between 1550 and 1572, calling it San Felipe. In 1709, 137 years after its founding, the town was moved to a valley beside the Tamaná River, a big tributary of San Juan River; one of the most important rivers in the Colombian Pacific Coast and in the same region of Condoto, the major producer of gold and platinum mines after South Africa. That settlement is called Old Nóvita. Finally, in 1854, the city was moved again and renamed San Jerónimo de Nóvita. - Nóvita from the Latin No Vita, means really Neo Vita or New Life..

The reconstruction of Nóvita’s history depends on three sources of empirical information: The oldest townships with archaeological evidence, oral tradition, and the historical archives. The following pictures show the remnants of the historical archives of Nóvita.

Novita pages Novita pages