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Terms of Use

LIMITED PERMISSION TO USE ARCHIVAL RECORDS. By permission of the respective archives whose material is represented on this site, Vanderbilt University makes these historical records available for the limited purposes of individual private study, scholarship, research, teaching, and other educational or instructional uses.   For any other uses, permission must be sought from the archives.  Permission to make other uses of the transcriptions must be sought directly from the transcriber, who retains rights in his/her transcriptions.

Users may, within the scope of the permitted uses referenced above, print, copy, or save copies of the archival records.  Users may also create and publish links to the SSDA website but may not make any use of the names or trademarks of Vanderbilt University without further written permission.  Nor may the Users make use of the names of the respective archives without explicit permission from the archives. 

ATTRIBUTION. When citing records from the SSDA website, users are requested to cite both the institution that holds the original records and the website, using the following format: [Author]."Volume Title". Document held at the [Institution Name, City, Country]. Available online at  Slave Societies Digital Archive (SSDA).

NO RIGHTS TO PHOTOGRAPHS.  No rights of any kind are granted to users with respect to photographs or graphic images published on this site.  Permission for any reproduction or other use of photographs and images must be sought directly from the copyright owner.

QUESTIONS?  Users with questions concerning rights to material on this site should direct their inquiries to: