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Student Affairs Comms E-Newsletter [Vanderbilt University]

February 14, 2021

Dear Vanderbilt Students,

Nashville is under a winter storm warning until Tuesday at 6 a.m. Roads and sidewalks are already beginning to be covered with ice, and 5 to 8 inches of snow is expected tomorrow.

The university is monitoring weather conditions and will communicate updates to campus operations as needed.

Please note that some services may see a reduction in hours and/or locations. To keep you informed about hours and locations, the various campus services will also be updating their websites periodically.

The Student Health Center plans to provide its normal clinic hours tomorrow, February 15, from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Any additional changes to its normal operating hours will be posted on the center’s website.

Modifications to Campus Dining and Mail Services schedules will be posted on their websites, and social media. Currently, Common Grounds has closed for the evening due to limited staff, but all other operations are open this evening. Mail services plans to operate normal business hours tomorrow, February 15, from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

VandyRide shuttles have been suspended this evening due to road conditions; please check the VandyRide app or website for service notifications.

Campus sidewalks have been de-iced. Campus Planning and Construction sets priorities for snow removal from campus roads and sidewalks, but conditions can be such that it becomes difficult or impossible to meet those priorities. Use caution when moving about the campus.

Please review the following safety tips for traveling around campus in winter conditions.

  • Plan your route and allow yourself ample time to get to your destination.
  • Wear shoes or boots that provide traction on snow and ice; avoid wearing heels.
  • Use special care when entering and exiting vehicles, climbing or descending stairs, entering or leaving buildings. Use handrails and keep your hands out of your pockets.
  • Walk on designated walkways as much as possible. Look ahead when you walk; do not text or read while walking.
  • Walk safely on snow and ice. Take small steps or shuffle for stability.

Remember to dress warmly to avoid hypothermia and frostbite. Other tips for dealing with cold weather issues can be found on the National Weather Service website.

Stay safe,

Mark Bandas
Associate Provost and Dean of Students

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