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Map of Important Locations in Strong Inside

How to Use the Map

  1. Five categories of locations are layered onto this Google map:
    • Yellow Pins : Vanderbilt University Sites
    • Red Pins : Nashville Sites
    • Brown Pins : Civil Rights Events
    • Green Pins : Other Cities
    • Blue Pins : SEC Schools 1966-1970
    • Orange Pins : Other Schools Mentioned
  2. Click on the pins to learn more about the locations. There are descriptions, pictures, and links to more information
  3. Click on the menu icon at the top, left corner of the map to toggle the menu and categories (or layers) of the map
  4. If you would like to see only one category (or layer) of the map, unclick the unnecessary categories (layers)


Build Your Own Map

  1. Open the Google Map via this link:
  2. Copy the Google Map to your Google Drive or Export KML (see Google My Maps Help: Edit, move, and merge map content for instructions)
  3. Edit your new Google Map (see Google My Maps Help: Edit and manage your map for instructions)
  4. Share your map or put it on your own site, such as

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