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SEM Calendar

Scheduling Guidlines:

1.) Contact Guil to schedule your time requested.

2.) You will be allowed to schedule no more than a month in advance, and you will be allowed no more than 2 days in any given week; if you would like to use more than 2 days in a week, you can reserve the next day if it has not been reserved by 4 pm of the preceding day. If special situations warrant special scheduling, let us know and we will work to accommodate your needs.

3) Be considerate with others and book only the time you need, and try to book time periods that allow as much use by others as possible (i.e. do not book the instrument from 10 am to 3 pm, for instance). We expect you to be using the instrument over the interval of time you have booked. Try to leave long-duration runs that require no user intervention for night-time.