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Steven Goodbred Jr.

Steve Goodbred

Professor and Chair
Office: 5733 Science & Engineering Bldg
Phone: (615) 322-2976


Ph.D. College of William & Mary, 1999
          (Virginia Institute of Marine Science)

M.S. University of South Florida, 1994
          (College of Marine Science)

B.S. Boston University, 1991
         (Dept. of Earth and Environment)


  • Sedimentary systems
  • Quaternary environments
  • Coastal, marine, and deltaic processes

Current Projects

We continue our long-standing research efforts on the Bengal basin and Ganges-Brahmaputra River delta in Bangladesh.  Our research there investigates how various forcing mechanisms – climate, tectonics, humans, and tidal, fluvial, and marine processes – interact along the continental margin to define the behavior of river deltas and coastal environments. These settings are home to over 150 million people in the Bengal region, putting humans, infrastructure, and economies at risk while placing huge demand on local land, energy, and water resources. Throughout history this coastal population has endured recurring stressors caused by storms, flooding, and land loss – less obvious are the longer-term impacts of climate change, sea-level rise, and a growing population. Interwoven with this continental-margin fabric are many fundamental research questions concerning past environmental change, the recurrence and impact of coastal hazards, and the effect of humans on the landscape. Supporting our current efforts on these topics are National Science Foundation grant  Coastal SEES: Multi-scale modeling and observations of landscape dynamics, mass balance, and network connectivity for a sustainable Ganges-Brahmaputra delta , which is a larger interdisciplinary project with VU colleagues John Ayers, Jonathan Gilligan, and Hiba Baroud, as well as partners Irina Overeem (CU-Boulder), Carol Wilson (LSU), and Paola Passalacqua (UT-Austin).